Welcome to The Deep Forest, where you will find Earthly Creations from artists Eric Tecce & Tory Lee. Inspired by Nature's Beauty, each item is hand crafted from the heart of our beings. Each unique piece was designed with the intention to bring the natural world indoors. Birthing life into any space by honoring our roots & the natural wonders around us. ❂


We specialize in many crafts from sculptural to textile. Each providing us with a meaningful creative outlet to express the many skills we have learned while walking the path of an Artist. Sculptural works are given extra attention to detail while Weavings are woven with love and magnetism, both showcasing natural earth tones and textures. This makes each unique piece, an act of passion that rings true to our hearts & that which we are inspired by.


All forms of art continue to speak in ways that words simply cannot. We philosophize towards not only what it means to be a Creator, but the waves that each creation can set upon the world; may it be for inspiration or to share that one can pursuit what they are passionate about. The hidden side of life is also an important factor as we take into consideration what exists outside our visual spectrum. These forms of energies are ever present, and when we work with Crystals, this is where it adds another dimension to our art that is beyond the realm in subtle sensories.



The art of BEing is a daily expression in each of our journeys. To us, Nature speaks a deep Truth, which we find important. Connecting to the land, One experiences inspiration, refined growth and transformation. To any artist, these are key to birthing something never seen before into the world we partake in. Our travels & adventures in Nature are vital to bringing the best out of us & allowing our work to shine at its fullest. Along the way, we find many unique natural wonders which we incorporate or emulate in the art we set out to create. Art itself is an extension of who we are, so working with that which we love in itself is magick in progress.


As with all walks of life, it is each step that guides us into the present. As we stand, we have embarked on many styles & crafts - but as in life, growth & expansion are not far when venturing into the unknowns of tomorrow. We will continue to take part in birthing our Earthly Creations, however form or medium they culminate as. In doing so, the potential is limitless but certainly the possibilities to unearthed wonders are sought out every day through our BEings. We hope those who resonate with our works will indeed welcome it upon their journeys, as we too express gratitude that we can bring such a gift into the world. May all who read this also honor who they are & stay true on their path ahead. ❧




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