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In Late-May 2022, I discovered 3 Tumors around the Left Breast, Upper Left Abdominal, & Left Rib Cage. Through the Summer Season, there has been spread to my Throat, Blood Vessels, Lymph Nodes, Right Leg, & Spinal Cord with possibly other internal placements such as Bone Marrow. In an effort to help crowdsource the Holistic Health Protocol I am undertaking, I have opened up funding through a Health Assistance Program. This program offers the ability to provide community support towards important investments in treating & maintaining proper health for recovery for potential Advanced Stage Cancers. You may find out more information below where you may support the GoFundMe, Donate to Paypal, or Purchase Items directly from my curated collection of Amazon Lists

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Shadow Light Tarot is an 88-card Hand Illustrated Premium Tarot Deck exploring the 22 Paths & Four Elemental Realms of the Tarot through Infinite Panoramic Worlds. ❂

Wander Light Tarot travel-sized hand illustrated 96-Card Deck, which includes minimal expressions of the Traditional Tarot, Four Directions, Tree of Life, and added Planetary Cards.

Lucid Light Tarot is a Full-Color follow up Deck featuring Infinite Panoramic Suites expanding on the foundation of 2018's Shadow Light Tarot Deck. Currently in Development with the Major Arcana completed & printed.

" Art is an extension & vehicle for the soul's work. Even to the untrained eye, a hand drawn approach carries the Spirit of it's Creator."

The Deep Forest serves as my Nature inspired Earth Craft Artistry. Showcasing a union with the Natural World & a Spiritual Journey. Featuring Sacred Spaces for Crystals & Various Cinemagraphic Wonders.




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