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Recently I have explored baking sourdough bread thanks to a synchronistic connection. Tthis simple ingredient bake instantly became a wonderful addition to the homestead routine.Baking sourdough bread is a rewarding and delicious journey that combines the art of baking with the science of fermentation. This ancient bread-making method has been enjoyed for centuries, and for good reason. Not only does sourdough bread have a unique tangy flavor, but it’s also easier to digest and has a lower glycemic index than regular bread. To get started with sourdough baking, you’ll need to create a sourdough starter. This is a fermented mixture of flour and water that contains wild yeast and beneficial bacteria, which is what gives sourdough bread its distinctive flavor and texture. Here’s a simple recipe for a sourdough starter: In a clean glass jar, mix 50 grams of flour (all-purpose or bread flour) with 50 grams of water. Stir well to combine. Cover the jar with a cloth or loosely with its lid, and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours. After 24 hours, discard half of the starter and feed it with another 50 grams of flour and 50 grams of water. Stir well and cover again. Repeat this process of discarding and feeding every day for about a week. You should start to see bubbles forming in the starter, which indicates that the wild yeast is active. Once your starter is bubbly and active, you can use it to bake bread. Here’s a basic sourdough bread recipe: Ingredients: 100 grams of active sourdough starter 400 grams of all-purpose or bread flour 250 grams of water 7 grams of salt Instructions: In a large bowl, mix together the starter, flour, water, and salt until a shaggy dough forms. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth or plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes. After resting, knead the dough for about 10 minutes until it becomes smooth and elastic. You can do this by hand or using a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment. Place the dough back into the bowl, cover it, and let it rise at room temperature for 8-12 hours or until doubled in size. This process is called bulk fermentation. Once the dough has doubled in size, gently deflate it and shape it into a ball. Place the dough into a floured proofing basket or a bowl lined with a floured towel. Cover and let it rise again for 2-3 hours, or until the dough has increased in size by about 50%. Preheat your oven to 500°F (260°C) with a cast-iron pot and lid inside. Carefully remove the hot pot from the oven, place the dough inside, cover it with the lid, and return it to the oven. Bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the lid and bake for an additional 15-20 minutes, or until the bread is golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom. Remove the bread from the pot and let it cool completely on a wire rack before slicing. Remember to maintain your sourdough starter by feeding it once a week if it’s stored in the refrigerator. If you’re keeping it at room temperature, you’ll need to feed it daily. With proper care, your sourdough starter can last for years, providing you with many delicious loaves of bread. Enjoy your homemade sourdough bread, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different flours, flavors, and techniques as you become more comfortable with the process. [...]
Custom Illustrated Natal Chart Discover your Birth Light through a personalized Artisan Natal Chart featuring original planetary & zodiacal illustrations from my Astro Light collection. Creatively honor your unique Cosmic blueprint that makes up the Nature you came to Be present. Each chart is custom created to bring your personalized Natal Chart/Birth Light  to life through visually exploring luminary insight while also presenting a full chart for your own personal collection. Chose between Geo-Solar (Western) or True Star (Sidereal) Astrology to determine the Zodiacal placement of the Wheel. This will not affect the Planetary House Placements. All Custom Charts are made upon order & offered as a PDF via the email used at checkout. Please include Birth Date, Time & Location in a Note at checkout to avoid any delays as this information will be required to chart your Birth Light. Allow up to 1-3 Weeks for production due to each chart’s unique Nature. Custom Illustrated Natal Chart Light & Dark Charts Available ~ Framed Prints Coming Soon! [...]
Aloha & greetings! In my second episode, I am accompanied by nature artist Tory Kroeger, who I’ve worked with through the Deep Forest and her own earthcraft artistry known as Taurian Spirits. Today’s topic honors two of my specialties, Natural Philosophy and my Art of Symbolism. #002 Art of Symbolism (From A to Z & Jesus Christ) by Eric TecceShowing the form and functions of language available to understand how we’re fractally connected.Read on Substack Just like honoring a seed to bring it to fruition through Nature, we can become more of who we are by embracing our essence via support by Universe. One aspect of practice is by Natural Philosophy, thus relating lessons back to the core of how we can perceive the base function of reality, or how it functions through nature itself. The second practice would be through my Art of Symbolism, a technique I established to translate the core functions of symbols to decode waking reality. This episode, recorded May 1st, 2024, I go through everything from A to Z to show you the form and functions of not just the letters being spoken, but the vibrations we tap into through the language available. This interaction help us to understand how we’re fractally connected. Our exploration includes everything from Jesus Christ, how we embody the being of the sun as well what free will essentially is, which is spoilers fractal existence existing. Now, if we honor the true self, we honor the ability for Creation to create. If it’s fractal, it will continue on. And if we set waves and have the capacity to become more of ourselves, by extension of being, our fractal breath comes to Be unlike anything ever before. At this time, more than ever, we can bring these lessons via an open source model to honor and express a natural flow to a brighter future. As always, Nature finds a way. Nature is able to recognize the patterns, flow, spirals, expansions, and the harmonies to create a song that we’re all encompassing together. So we each have our own song, unfolding out from the moment we came to be, as well as the song that is continuing through the harmonies that we are embodied together by. You can look at it like reigniting a cycle to a golden age, breathing in, allowing ourselves to Be as we are allowing more breath to exist inside fractal existence. Cycles themselves are interconnected set of “I”s bringing light into an experience of available Nature. Through each of us, our light can be shared by those that we’re connected to. We express and emit our light through our selves just by being and holding presence, which in turn can arise within others as to increase their capacity to emit. Thank you for tuning in and hope you dive into this to understand that you’re at the right place at the right time, and to be is an honoring of the sacred nature in which you are. Thank you and enjoy. [...]
Each pin in this set is a work of art, featuring a stunning black and white illustration of one of the 12 zodiac signs, encased in a shiny gold coating that captures the radiance of the cosmos. These pins are not only visually striking but also serve as a daily reminder of the nature’s fractal essence. ⊹⊱ ENAMEL PIN SET KICKSTARTER ⊰⊹ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ ᴘᴏʟʏᴍᴀᴛʜɪᴄ ᴀʀᴛɪꜱᴛ, ᴇʀɪᴄ ᴛᴇᴄᴄᴇ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · 🎨 ᴍᴀᴛᴇʀɪᴀʟꜱ:ᴘɪɢᴍᴀ ᴍɪᴄʀᴏɴ ɪɴᴋ ᴘᴇɴꜱ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · 🎵 :: ‘Warriors of Destiny (Ultima V Orchestral Remix)” – Scott Buckley [...]
SUPPORT THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN I’m Eric Tecce, a polymathic artist and true star astrologer, and I’m thrilled to introduce my latest crowdfund campaign: an Astrology Enamel Pin Set. This unique collection of 12 hand-illustrated, soft enamel pins brings the celestial beauty of the zodiac to life in a wearable, collectible form. Each pin in this set is a work of art, featuring a stunning black and white illustration of one of the 12 zodiac signs, encased in a shiny gold coating that captures the radiance of the cosmos. These pins are not only visually striking but also serve as a daily reminder of the nature’s fractal essence. As a True Star Astrologer & Esoteric Illustrator, I’ve poured my passion and expertise into each design, ensuring that every pin accurately represents the essence of its corresponding zodiac sign. Whether you embody planetary resonances of an Aries, a Taurus, a Gemini, a Cancer, a Leo, a Virgo, a Libra, a Scorpio, a Sagittarius, a Capricorn, an Aquarius, or a Pisces, you’ll find a pin that speaks to your unique astrological identity. The Astrology Enamel Pin Set is perfect for astrology enthusiasts, art collectors, and anyone who appreciates the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. Wear them on your jacket, backpack, or hat to showcase your love for astrology, or gift them to friends and family to share the magic of the zodiac. To bring this project to life, I need your support. By contributing to this crowdfunding campaign, you’ll not only help me cover the costs of production but also become a part of the creative process. Your generosity will ensure that these beautiful pins can be shared with astrology lovers around the world. “The stars in the heavens sing a music if only we had ears to hear.” – Manly P. Hall With your help, we can make the Astrology Enamel Pin Set a reality. Join me on this cosmic journey through the zodiac, and together, let’s celebrate the beauty and wisdom of the stars. Current Packaging Design (WIP) Shipping is scheduled for August 2024, so don’t miss your chance to be among the first to own this exquisite collection at a discounted rate. Free Domestic Shipping, with International Shipping gradually being rolled out (Request your country in a message). Thank you for your support, and may the stars guide you on your path! Size Ranges from 1″ to 1.5″ SUPPORT THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN [...]
You are where you’re meant to be. Allowing yourself to Be is receptive through the circumstances which has guided you through the elaborate unfolding of our waking reality. Now, due to it existing, we may discover it into experience, and we see this occur in nature all the time. #002 Art of Symbolism (From A to Z & Jesus Christ) by Eric TecceNature’s Wisdom is FractalRead on Substack When we’re capable of allowing ourselves to be at our best self, we are in tune to nature. When you are more in nature & are in tune to nature, you become more of yourself due to the fact that you are capable to hold the capacity of the full extent of who you are through the embodiment, the space you allow to Be. Nature always guides us to where we’re meant to be as we are given the opportunity by experience. Nature is fractally & paradoxically both the nature of our self and the nature of our waking reality. Today’s recording just so happens to occur on Earth Day which correlate around with the renewed light & life found during springtime. I’d like to take a deep dive into what’s possible through the concept of seeing nature as its own teacher. Regardless of any message, when you understand an aspect of love, love is your attraction. Love is the generative force in which you’re able to emit through yourself, to yourself, as yourself. Now, if we embody more of that into being, it plays an important role because it takes us to where we need to be. It also guides us towards where we’re meant to, almost like an organic healing process. A tree when met by an obstacle, can adapt and grow around the circumstances. Each phase of growth becomes through consideration of the ever present as better direct incoming energy to bloom. On top of that, our lineage, the connection which we have arrived at this point, interlinks all that has unraveled. We are able to pull from this mass collective understanding of building blocks to truly arrive where we’re meant to without effort. Any experience arrives when you’re ready. Universe is all about growth breathing in and out life force energy. So embody this experience and allow ourselves to rediscover who we truly are by utilizing the very simplicity of nature, the existence of itself. This sophisticated rhythm guides us to where we are meant to Be by our Nature, as Nature, for Nature. The degrees of the angles of the polarities with fields, including the intersecting planets, offer us the ability to work with varying degrees of experiences. As an interactive flow can be observed through Nature everywhere. So Nature truly offers us a greater understanding than any other system. These expressions we bring into Being help teach us external insights based off the unique natures contributing to Creation And because of the interlinking connections, we are able to each piece everything together in the degree that we are drawn to it. As you are able to piece together your own puzzle of yourself as to better honor that nature, then you too contribute to the greater puzzle we provide into being. By finding our song & dance we came to be, we become in flow to the rhythmic wave. Even a wave comes to be when collective forces present itself through motion in the vast currents within Creation. We are the body within the body, and that’s the fractal point of Nature. Always interconnected, an experience does not require knowing as it is what it Is. So today I want to explore how nature unravels. Because for me, it’s important to honor natural flow. And at the same time too, we have the ability to grow. The more we’re able to integrate our actions, we become more refined for the experience through the timing of the synchronicities. Those moments come to be because it comes out from everything coming together. The lineage of ancestry, our whole root system, continuously creating potential to Be within our ever present. As universe breathes in, we too take a breath. Be a part of that breath. And as that breath expands and gives us more to work off of, we too become more of ourselves, more to Be, more to breath. The breath of life is fractal to create the essence of life itself. Remember, we don’t have to try to breathe, we just do. It is a part of our Nature to function so. And that exchange of everything interconnected, shows us that we are always going to be a part of something greater through our unique essence of Life. When you’re in nature, it’s important to honor nature. There is a space to be had, as long as you are part of that space, you embody more wisdom than can be simply expressed. May we continue to understand and utilize nature as a method to help us become more in tune to who we truly are. So with that, thank you for Being, Stay True, and allow this recording to provide you what is meant to be as the you are in this experience. Enjoy! ❂ [...]
Last night’s Full Moon marks the Buddhist Holiday known as the Vesak or Wesak Festival which, in Buddhist traditions, celebrates the opportunity gifted by the Full Moon. This period is known to be the day of greatest spiritual opportunity of the entire year. Blessed by this energetic potential, I was fortunate to experience not just one, but three distinctly separate Buddhist Temples in a single night – each honoring one aspect of three associated to the respected Divine Figure. I would discover, by visiting each one, that mastering via multi-lifetime practices of all three, the experience interconnects to form an even greater Sacred Trinity select few embody within one’s True Soul, eventually expressing into One’s Being each reincarnation. Upon reflection of the journey embarked, Temples, far and wide, honor Sacred Nature as they embody imprinted energy emitted during spiritual practices of refining One’s Soul. By design & upkeep via practiced presence, each site’s offerings arise from unique dedication that span many lifetimes. As I recall long upward stairs that lead up to each beautifully maintained shrine by a respected overseer, I am reminded of how Temples merge toward a raised point similar to a mountain’s peak. Such heights are symbolic of long upward journeys, commonly embarked to achieve wider perspectives of the present horizon but also for the concentrated energy within local fields which extend from the interconnected ‘Earthly’ body. By using my self-established ‘Art of Symbolism’ technique, deconstructing the word ‘Temple’ translates to a “Point or gathering of energy emitting outwards continuously.” This construct extends to both the sacred sites these ancient locations are greatly respected for, as well as our own physical body serving as a Temple. Even that of the Temple located on our forehead is where four carbon-crystalline bones of the skull fuse together acting as an emitting point for our auric field via our bio-electromagnetism functionality. Many, if not all, sacred sites are known most by native cultures to harmoniously increase the field’s potential of any locally concentrated life-force energy. This holds potential to heighten our subtle sensory capacity which may express through our own unique Nature to increase ‘psychic’ receptivity, out-of-body ‘Astral’ exploration in hyperspace, & intuitive communication interpreted from outside the commonly-acknowledged spectrum range. As these honed practices are explored to unlock said abilities, such gifts imprint upon us & our Soul, thus extending easier access in Soul-linked lives yet present. As we each individually & collectively experience our Sojourn onward, our potential to participate & uphold Sacred cultural practices may reveal interconnected roots which aid rediscovery of unlocked potential once witnessed within cycles of Golden Ages. ❂ -Eric Tecce ❂ [...]
Reminder on April 20th, 2024, we were blessed with the peak potentiality of Jupiter & Uranus dancing together in the sky – currently continuing to send waves into experience for years to come. During this transit, Venus passed over the recent Solar Eclipse activated area where we find it dance with asteroid Chiron (known as the Wounded-Healer). On top of Mercury retrograde reevaluating this range of high energy Eclipse/Nodal Point areas, we are in for some sudden great acts of creations & establishments that may change the future of humanity here on out; culminating an essential next level or stage by graduating with newly restructured perceptions. Expect a lot of expansions out of the blue, with synchronicity electrically charging the potential of the currents. These transits expressed from the spheres extend toward the raised output of collective (re)processing of processes to reinterpret familiar Light. Many may relate this towards higher percentage of Collective Potential associated toward Non-local Entities & Out of Body Experiences (Receptive via Astral/Dream States) or the raised output of happy accidents via random/chance generation & processing by mass intelligence (be natural collectives or of the daemon sense, aka “AI”). True Nature will also play a major role in this movement as a growing interest to reconnect with both our roots of our ancestors & past lives (even if by unconscious attractors), as well as the stars via utilizing more accurate Astrological practices such as defining True Star Astrology (Sidereal) over a westernized Geo-Solar model. The implication of these shifted perceptions are extremely likely to traverse the continuous steam of currents with such velocity as to send waves onward that may very well forever shape the course of the future for generations to come. Prime Examples of manifesting language during these transits arrive by synchronistic experiences; including random-number-generating-like practices a kin to I-Ching, Divination, Intuitive Connection, as well as Webbot or Akashic Data that will link back to these moments’ highly plasmatic potentiality, very well sourced of the outer worldly Nature. These realizations may take time to become integrated into open acceptance (or individually digested into awareness at least until Mercury goes direct), but may be reflected back on as the birthplace for ‘the’ shift ushering in an eventually accepted perception of our collective reality. More so, as this period currently undergoes a great transition to a new chapter rooted by the Total Solar Eclipse’s energetic stream of potential. These streaks of hypernovelty will truly be kicking for months, if not years, as a multitude of sources & individuals further embrace empowerment through expressions & language – thus reaffirming the self-organizing-collective (SOC) currently controls the paradigm shifting narrative (narradigm for short) here on out. All I can say is, what a time to Be alive, embodied, and present! You chose to Be & should express gratitude for our life provided to support True Nature, for our generation & here on after. ❂ [...]
Good Day, dear friends and supporters!I am thrilled to share that the Astro Herbal Collection has officially entered production with a studio arrival date of May the 12th ✿ 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 ✿ April Production Update + Bonus Cards Reveal In addition to the three volume collection, I have been hard at work including over a dozen hand-illustrated bonus cards which are exclusively revealed in the above Production Update video.These additional cards further enrich the collection to serve as a testament to the beauty & wisdom of the natural world. Very much looking forward to you discovering the artisan decks in person as I ship the Astro Herbal Collection come May! As stated, I will be releasing additional time-lapse videos showcasing the creative process of the art featured within the new bonus cards, as well as short films of seasonal Nature & previews of my upcoming projects. So be sure to stay tuned & subscribe to the channel for future videos.Thank you again for welcoming my art along your journey, and as always, Stay True! [...]
Eclipses are based off the alignment of the Moon’s North & South nodes (poles), also known in Vedic Astrology as Rahu & Ketu which represent the head & tail of a great serpent. Everyone should view this period as a bridge, in which we are stepping into a new journey & by the time we wrap around the the source stream of this eclipse in 6 months time, we should be seeing some culminations of this brand new chapter fall into place.This particular alignment will coincide with the arrival of Chiron on the floor whisking up the possibility of exploring wounds so that we can bring fourth healing. Just also keep in mind those prodded wounds & challenges are a reminder that you are still human with room to grow.Just wait until the energy gets going with the upcoming Jupiter & Uranus conjunction later this month on the weekend of April the 20th – the world will change that day forever as new seeds & perceptions are processed in new Light. This will then culminate into the Lunar Luminary’s peak on the 23rd, providing additional clarity connected to the rhythm tuned during the Total Solar Eclipse. Regardless, buckle up buttercup, because we’re not in Kansas anymore! [...]
Eclipses are based off the alignment of the Moon’s North & South nodes (poles), also known in Vedic Astrology as Rahu & Ketu which represent the head & tail of a great serpent. In our case, the Lunar Eclipse occurring before the Solar Eclipse on the 8th of April, is responsible for an essential release clearing way to usher in the amplified so(u)lar energetic stream triggered during the Solar Eclipse. The rejuvenation cycles are vital components of fractal existence which provide the potential necessary for great transformation & rebirth moving forward towards evolutionary growth. The meaning of the “Worm Moon” holds significances due to it’s seasonal placement, but with Eclipse symbolism at present, it may be expanded beyond it’s initial origin. Offering a unique perspective, my method titled the “Art of Symbolism” indicates the word “WORM” as “Rising Outward with the Field” – hence one notices a polarized connection bridging the inward and outward forces represented by the symbols “W” connecting to “M” through an emitting field representing by a spherical “O” and the directional path’s ray symbol “R”. This same technique applied to “MOON” can be simplified into “Amplification Magnetism” – best imagined by the action of a Pool Ball hitting another in a magnetic sense. ───●🌕●─── As for the true origin of the Worm Moon’s meaning: “In the 1760s, Captain Jonathan Carver visited the Naudowessie (Dakota) and other Native American tribes and wrote that the name Worm Moon refers to a different sort of “worm”—beetle larvae—which begin to emerge from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts at this time.” (Source) Other Names for the March/Spring Equinox Moons: Eagle Moon (Cree) – return of the Eagles Goose Moon (Algonquin, Cree) – return of the Geese Crow Comes Back Moon (Northern Ojibwe) – return of the Crows Snow Crust Moon (Anishinaabe) – last days of winter The Sore Eyes Moon (Dakota, Lakota, Assiniboine) – sun reflecting on snow The Sugar Moon (Ojibwe) – due to starting flow of sugar maple sap The Wind Strong Moon (Pueblo) – due to end of winter winds The Paschal Moon – Spring’s first Full Moon in Christianity [...]
As you may already know, I operate a one man studio. Meaning every inked illustration, designed graphic, directed/edited video, and written text was passionately created by yours truly. Add this to the plethora of research, planning, organizing, and communication required as a Creator to launch not one, but two crowdfunds in a 4 month period while making effort every day to support the campaign’s goal. Yet this barely epitomizes a fraction of dedication poured into birthing 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿. My overall goal to release 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 is to gift a unique one-of-a-kind creation to humanity. The deck’s first campaign goal was to self publish & print 500 decks, with a second campaign launched attempting to print only 1/5 of that amount for 1/2 the cost. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter’s campaigns were unsuccessful & were unable to find like-minded individuals to bring the collection to a physical release. With all this in mind, 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 may very well be too ahead of it’s time. I, for One, welcome enriching future generations, trusting that Universe will guide & provide this unique Oracle via synchronicity to those drawn to work with Nature by Nature for Nature. Offering 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 on Kickstarter aimed to help lower costs for both pledges & production. The whole set was first available to pledge for $100 USD with an included 300 page guide book. The book was then delayed as to retool the deck for a second campaign. Upon scaling production & prioritizing printing over profit, cost for a deck set still increased to $123 for the second campaign. The next logical step to scale down print is to offer this one-of-a-kind collection on an individual per-person-print basis. This allows for the campaign goal to always be funded, but would raise pledges to $200 USD plus shipping for the three volume deck set. Luckily the Full Moon has illuminated a path to success! To eliminate added fees & services Kickstarter requires, I will instead be offering Pre-Orders for the 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 via my studio shop for $175 USD a set or $60 USD individually. With this decision, many of you may be on the fence, so I will be offering the first 10 Pre-orders who use the coupon code “EarlyBird’ to lock in their $123 USD pledge price at check out. I will also be applying an automatic 10% discount for any additional pre-orders placed before March 2024. To be clear, each deck will be printed on a per person basis in the United States. After a total of 15 pre-orders (or 15 days), a countdown will begin limiting the amount of orders that can be locked in before production begins. Printing will begin April 2024 (or earlier) with a 6-8 week turn around aimed for a Summer 2024 shipping date. As production status updates become known to me, you also will be kept notified via email. For any and all questions, you can contact me through my website, shop, or Kickstarter & will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you again to all of you, and especially you reading this right now in the moment, yeah you. You are drawn into this moment by the dance of synchronicity so I appreciate your being & always know that you are so much and more! May you continue to discover all the blessings each path has to offer, Eric [...]
Introducing 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿, a three volume artisan deck set featuring a carefully curated collection of 126 hand illustrated medicinal plants, trees, & fungi from around the world designed to support, nourish, & nurture our own Nature by Nature. The 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 ⊕𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐄𝐂𝐊 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 is a unique one-of-a-kind Oracle serving as both an educational & artisan deck for any age. Discover an astrological & illustrative journey exploring medicinal plants from adaptogens like ashwagandha and Asian ginseng, to nervines like passionflower and dandelion, to nootropics like lion’s mane and ginkgo biloba.  Each Volume of 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 features 42 Tarot-sized cards, each adorned with an intricate hand-drawn illustration & accompanied by guiding words inspired by each species’ unique inherit properties. Additional details include the vernacular (common) name, botanical (latin) name, & assigned astrological resonances (planetary, zodiacal, elemental) focused on the plant’s gifts & personality. Printed in the United States on 310 GSM with a Linen Texture finish, packaged in a custom tuck box designed in the style of a vintage book.  There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind & inner happiness”― Edward Bach  In early 2020, I established the goal of utilizing art to educate & bring attention to our connection to the Natural world. Research & development began on a 𝐹𝐿𝒪𝒲𝐸𝑅 𝐸𝒮𝒮𝐸𝒩𝒞𝐸𝒮 ᴏʀᴀᴄʟᴇ ᴅᴇᴄᴋ prior to all other cards, leading to multiple illustrative iterations of the original Bach Flower Essences.  “The lymphatic system is the vehicle through which the immune system acts.” ― Matthew Wood In May of 2022, numerous tissue masses were discovered shifting towards a sudden concern for my well-being to improve my health, in turn delaying various projects that were in development. Solace was found in broadening my knowledge of Herbalism where the incredible ability of various foods, herbs, tree barks, & mushrooms that are capable to guide us in troubled times birthed new answers to my healing journey.  All artwork is Hand Illustrated using an ‘Ink & Charcoal’ Process Thus, 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 ⊕𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐄𝐂𝐊 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 has culminated as the first three volumes of several artisan decks to serve as tools to enrich the minds of those who also share a deep appreciation of Nature, its innate ability to provide a plethora of benefits, Astrology, and the traditional practice of the Illustrative Arts.  “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” ― Frank Lloyd Wright “Flowers are for our souls to enjoy”  – Sioux proverb It was priority for the 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 ⊕𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐄𝐂𝐊 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 that I return to my roots as a traditional artist. Leonardo da Vinci states that “Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” With that principle in mind, all artwork has been expertly illustrated on toned kraft paper utilizing Pigma Micron ink pens & white charcoal pencil, two mediums that I have been working with for over two decades. With the wake of artificial intelligence overtaking the digital art scene, I am more called to preserve both the traditional Fine Art hand illustrated practice & the authentic touch our soul adds to Creation.As one who honors Nature, transparency is key to share insight into the process of being a Creator, while also revealing personal exploration into the behind-the-scenes development of the project. I invite you to discover the creative process for yourself via recorded timelapse videos of all 126 medicinal plants included within 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿.  ✿ 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 ✿  ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ ɪ ✿ is themed to support your Nature via 42 curated wild plants, trees, fungi, or resin that have a rich cultural & traditional history of medicinal usage to support overall well being. ✿ 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 ✿  ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ ɪɪ ✿  is themed to nourish your Nature via 42 curated edible vegetables, fruits, herbs, or fungi that have a rich cultural & traditional history of culinary usage; while harboring medicinal benefits. ✿ 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿: 𝐹𝐿𝒪𝒲𝐸𝑅 𝐸𝒮𝒮𝐸𝒩𝒞𝐸𝒮 ✿  ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ ɪɪɪ ✿ is themed to nurture your Nature via 42 curated flowers inspired by Dr. Edward Bach’s floral essence infusions. A positive attribute has also been assigned based off each flower’s unique essence. Whether seeking guidance or simply enhancing meditative practices, this deck’s affirmations offer a gentle and nurturing approach to self-care.  “I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” ― Frank Lloyd Wright Aloha fellow human! Thy name giveth be Eric Tecce, and I’m a polymathic artist & illustrator harboring a deep respect to Mother Nature’s fractal presence, lessons, & inherit abilities. Having honed my passions over the years in various mediums as a one-man studio, I’ve rekindled my original love of inkmanship & toned illustration to cultivate my latest passion project with you. Every inked illustration, designed graphic, directed/edited video, and written text present here was passionately created by yours truly as a labor of love. I thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing more of my work with you in the future. “Tree of Life” Illustration from my “𝐕𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬” Collection, Circa 2015 My previous crowdfunded works include a collection titled “𝐕𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬” that embedded esoteric knowledge through Illustrative Art. This collection was released in three unique waves as screenprinted apparel under the brand “ռʊ-ƈơɱɱօռ ʂɛռʂɛ” between 2013 & 2015. The following year, I’d create “𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝔻𝔼𝔼ℙ 𝔽𝕆ℝ𝔼𝕊𝕋” to serve as my handcrafted studio for sculptural Earthcrafts. My miniature Handcrafted Hobbit Homes from 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝔻𝔼𝔼ℙ 𝔽𝕆ℝ𝔼𝕊𝕋, circa 2023 Thereafter, my first two Tarot Decks, 𝔖𝔥𝔞𝔬𝔡𝔴 𝔏𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝔗𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔱 & 𝔚𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔯 𝔏𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝔗𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔱, were completed & crowdfunded in 2018 through my ωαкιηg ¢αηναѕ studio. Afterwards, I would then briefly develop a follow up oracle deck, 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐿𝐼𝒢𝐻𝒯 ⊕𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄, exploring mapping the Constellations & Astrological resonances before switching over to develop a full-color follow up Tarot Deck, titled 𝐿𝒰𝒞𝐼𝒟 𝐿𝐼𝒢𝐻𝒯 𝒯𝒜𝑅𝒪𝒯.  Full-Color Tarot Deck Followup, 𝐿𝒰𝒞𝐼𝒟 𝐿𝐼𝒢𝐻𝒯 𝒯𝒜𝑅𝒪𝒯 In recent years, unforeseen health issues became the forefront of focus cultivating a renewed traditional approach of hand illustrated art birthing the 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 present with us today. As I continue this path, I hope to explore to honor Nature through future Creations. Thank you again to all of you, and especially you reading this right now in the moment, yeah you. You are drawn into this moment by the dance of synchronicity so I appreciate your being & always know that you are so much and more! May you continue to discover all the blessings each path has to offer, Eric “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ― Rumi With over a decade of experience practicing both Geo-Solar (Western) & True Star (Sidereal) Astrological analyses, I offer a unique perspective into the core representation of resonances & planetary placements to provide a comprehensible overview of interpreting the amplifying Light waves that permeate our fractal fields. As Above, So Below metaphorically enlightens us into the Nature of our reality, & further embody this knowledge into the 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍. For the 𝒜𝒮𝒯𝑅☉ 𝐻𝐸𝑅𝐵𝒜𝐿 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍, planetary, zodiacal, & elemental attributes have been assigned to each plant based it’s known medicinal properties. This classification may differ from Alchemy & Medical Astrology as I focus on the plant’s gifts & personality rather than the function or season. In this case, I utilize the Astrological resonances as an example of an infinite spectrum of Nature/Light. This serves as a symbolic language to communicate the complex hues of reality.  ‘Astro Light’ Artwork, Circa 2018 For interpreters of Light resonances, allow me to express the Nature of my BEing. The central source Light of my Geo-Solar Astrological Birth Light expresses a Sagittarian resonance to my detail oriented 6th house Sun, Venus & Lilith stellium, with my Moon sitting in it’s home of Cancerian resonance, followed by my Rising (also known as Ascendant) tunneling my experience through a late Gemini perspective. My mental Mercury harnesses the strategic 7th house Capricorn resonance forming a grounded yet intuitive processing stellium with Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. As we reach beyond the Earthly realm, further influences such as the passion drive of Mars carries the duality of a spiritually focused 12th house Gemini, followed by my expansive Leo Jupiter forming a harmonious Trine with my Sun & Venus placements. The final main planetary of Rebirth & transformation, Pluto, is placed within it’s own resonance of Scorpio.  “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle Exploring your Natal Chart will dive deep to provide insight into your strengths & inherit gifts. For example, my chart reinterpreted based off True-Star Astrology shows that my Sun is in the sector of Scorpio known as the snake bearer, Ophiuchus yet still retain my Gemini AC. As you can see, many known signs we identify in the seasonal Geo-Solar Astrological model can shift back 22 degrees & show us the true source of Light. I like to think in terms of a comet & it’s tail, or a pitcher vs their curve ball. These studies will be examined and explored for generations beyond my own. If one wishes for me to interpret their Birth Light, I am available for Astrological Analysis services @ “Nature is the source of all true knowledge.” ― Leonardo da Vinci  As a natural born philosopher of the Nature of our waking reality, Art & Creation speak to you by its true essence. I state that “Nature Speaks to Those who Listen” & in many ways, Nature is the art of synchronicity. It is the Great Teacher that is always present & willing to give the opportunity of Life. “Wisdom is the daughter of experience.” ― Leonardo da Vinci  With Nature the forefront of my philosophy, such wonders provides all the necessary lessons to understand, in great depth, the macro & micro of our ever present world. It is without a doubt that the more you explore Nature in it’s purity, the more likely are you to discover yourself.  With this, providing educational materials that dawn insight into the versatile offerings of Nature assists towards the potential to enrich present & future generations’ appreciation of the natural world. [...]
Welcome back to The Deep Forest! Our latest tutorial video takes you on a journey of crafting a magical Mushroom Lantern under the skillful guidance of EarthCraft artist Tory Lee herself for all our beloved patrons at the $25 tier.. Are you ready to embark upon an exciting adventure filled with moss, mischief, and pure enchantment? In this exclusive, step-by-step video, you will see exactly what goes into making one of our signature pieces: a magnificent Mushroom Lantern! All your wildest dreams of having a touch of otherworldly charm in your dwellings could soon be fulfilled right from the comfort of your home. Using readily accessible materials such as a classic metal lamp base, vibrant moss, iridescent gems, hand-sculpted Amanita Mascaria mushrooms, and a dash of flora flair, this DIY project promises to elevate your interior design game to a whole new level. Observe Tory Lee’s exquisite craftsmanship in action as she breathe life into a delicate ceramic butterfly poised gracefully atop your newly minted Mushroom Lantern. Don’t just imagine, experience the tranquility and delight that comes with owning an original creation made with love and passion. Join us today & embrace your inner fae spirit, spreading joy wherever your heart leads you. Remember, every purchase supports not only artistic growth but also sustainable practices that ensure future generations can appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature’s endless offerings. It’s never too late to ignite your inner artist and let your creativity soar – become part of our extended family of Earthcrafters.Mushroom Sculpture Lantern Tutorial NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
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Chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus) is a distinctive bright orange bracket fungus found primarily on hardwood trees throughout North America. While its name may not sound appealing, this wild mushroom has become popular among chefs for its robust earthy yet pleasant taste profile and exceptionally soft texture after cooking. But what many people do not realize is that chicken of the woods holds a wealth of nutritional benefits that make it one of nature’s most valuable forest produce. In this guide, we will explore why incorporating wild chicken of the woods mushrooms into our diets can bring about positive changes in our health. Why Wild Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms Are Worth HarvestingNative Americans had long recognized the value of wild Chicken of the Woods, employing its use for both medical purposes and food consumption. Some tribal groups would dry the entire fruit bodies of the fungus, making them easy to store for later usage during the winter months when resources became scarcer. They considered this mushroom useful in treating various diseases including ulcers, tumors, and swollen joints through either topical application or internal ingestion. Some tribes even believed ingested chicken of the woods provided resistance to viruses. Additionally, they appreciated its palatability, deeming it suitable for use in soup or stew preparations, or simply roasted and consumed alone. By preserving this tradition and respecting their knowledge, modern society has an opportunity to rediscover and learn from ancient wisdom surrounding natural remedies and sustenance. Through embracing historical teachings in combination with contemporary scientific research, we continue to unlock new potential applications for this prized wild mushroom. Modern science supports these practices by confirming the presence of various compounds responsible for chicken of the woods notable therapeutic attributes. Notably, polysaccharides KS2035B1 and Laetiporus saponins present in the fungus display potent antioxidant activity, which helps neutralize potentially damaging free radicals generated within cells under oxidative stress conditions. The same organosulfur components also exhibit anti-inflammatory action at low dosages without causing gastrointestinal irritation, a common side effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These traits can lower systemic inflammation levels, thus preventing chronic illnesses linked to persistent activation of the body’s defensive response mechanism, particularly cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure and endocrine disorders like type 2 diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, certain triterpenoid alcohols present in the wild chicken of the woods help suppress platelet aggregation and activate the coagulation cascade, implying this fungus could aid in promoting healthier blood flow throughout the body. How to Prepare Wild Chicken of the Woods MushroomsBefore consuming any wild mushroom, including chicken of the woods, it is essential to properly identify them to avoid any adverse reactions or misidentification with poisonous species. Once you have established that you are dealing with the authentic L. sulphureus variety, cleaning and processing can begin. Start by trimming off tough pores and removing the stem, if desired. Then slice the mushroom thinly before cooking. To ensure the best flavor, sear chicken of the woods over high heat until each side develops golden brown crispy edges, then finish them slowly until tender. Its versatility allows you to integrate this delicious mushroom into a wide array of culinary creations such as sautéed, added to pasta sauce, used as seasoning, or made into soups. Always practice caution and remember to only consume fully confirmed edible mushrooms. ConclusionWild Chicken of the Woods mushroom holds immense promise for improving our lives. As a rich source of nutrients and bioactive components, this unique fungus offers tremendous health benefits when consumed as a functional food. With ongoing research aimed towards elucidating its full range of medicinal effects, chances are good that we will discover additional ways in which Chicken of the Woods helps us maintain optimal well-being. From reducing inflammation to protecting heart health, this valuable resource should be celebrated and utilized to promote overall vitality. While proper identification remains crucial for safe incorporation into one’s diet, those who dare to venture deeper into nature might just unearth something truly special — nourishing sustenance straight out of the forest itself! After all, learning how to harvest, cleanse, and prepare Chicken of the Woods effectively not only grants access to its numerous advantages but also reinforces our intimate connection with the living world around us. So why settle for ordinary fare when nature provides superfoods right here under our noses? Let us embrace the wondrous possibilities represented by this fascinating specimen and open ourselves to the boundless bounty held within our planet’s wilds. Who knows what next exciting discovery lies hidden amongst those vibrant green hues of emerging growth beneath towering trees come Springtime — or perhaps nestled amidst rustling decay in autumnal woodlands. Embrace the adventurer within, step forward and join the growing ranks of dedicated seekers hunting for the precious prize known as Lenzites, the true “Chickens” of the forest. Happy foraging and bon appétit!NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
Nature offers various remedies, and sometimes it requires minimal effort to access their benefits. Foraging for wild edible mushrooms such as morel, maitake, and lion’s mane, and including them in your cuisine can lead to remarkable outcomes. Let us delve deeper into how each of these fungi can contribute positively to human well-being. Medicinal Benefits of Morel MushroomsThe morel species are highly sought due to their unique flavor, rarity, and culinary versatility. They also possess several health benefits. Native Americans used the spongy fleshy stalks as natural antibiotics for treating wounds and coughs. Today, morel extracts are being investigated for applications related to cancer therapy as well as reducing inflammation in autoimmune diseases. Medicinal Benefits of Maitake MushroomsMaitake mushrooms have been utilized in Japanese traditional medicine for centuries, but only recently gained worldwide recognition due to their incredible immune-boosting capacities. Studies carried out on individuals infected with HIV showed improvement in CD4 T-cell count following prolonged consumption of dried maitake fruit bodies. Researchers are exploring maitakes as complementary treatment for breast cancer thanks to their ability to enhance anticancer drug sensitivity. Medicinal Benefits of Lion’s Mane MushroomsLion’s mane mushrooms closely resemble a fluffy white shag carpet, and while their appearance might be humorous, don’t let that fool you. This fungus contains multiple bioactive substances that promote brain development, reduce anxiety, and provide anti-diabetic effects. Nerve growth factor (NGF), a crucial molecule for maintaining neurons, is naturally occurring in lion’s mane mushrooms. Animal studies demonstrate improved nerve regrowth, and there’s even evidence showing lion’s mane consumption improves cognition and decreases beta-amyloid plaque accumulation associated with Alzheimer’s disease progression in mice. Additionally, oral administration of lion’s mane alleviates depressive symptoms in chronic mild stress mouse models. The collective data highlights lion’s mane potential usefulness in combating neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and depression when consumed regularly.Lion’s mane mushrooms closely resemble a fluffy white shag carpet, and while their appearance might be humorous, don’t let that fool you. This fungus contains multiple bioactive substances that promote brain development, reduce anxiety, and provide anti-diabetic effects. Nerve growth factor (NGF), a crucial molecule for maintaining neurons, is naturally occurring in lion’s mane mushrooms. Animal studies demonstrate improved nerve regrowth, and there’s even evidence showing lion’s mane consumption improves cognition and decreases beta-amyloid plaque accumulation associated with Alzheimer’s disease progression in mice. Additionally, oral administration of lion’s mane alleviates depressive symptoms in chronic mild stress mouse models. The collective data highlights lion’s mane potential usefulness in combating neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and depression when consumed regularly. Conclusion Foraging for and integrating wild edible mushrooms like morels, maitakes, and lion’s manes into your meals may provide numerous unexpected advantages. From enhancing immunity and nourishing nerves to reducing chronic illness risks and promoting cognitive function, these fungi offer tremendous opportunities for optimizing personal wellness through accessible means. With careful identification and proper preparation techniques, embracing nature’s abundant bounty via wild mushroom use can unlock new dimensions of vitality and contentment. Bon appétit!NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
The Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) has become renowned among culinary enthusiasts and scientists alike due to its flavor profile and unique appearance resembling a majestic mane. However, few people realize the tremendous health benefits of including this fungi in one’s diet. Let’s explore some reasons why you should consider adding Lion’s Mane to your menu. First off, let us understand the origin and history of this fascinating food source. With roots grounded in Eastern Asia, Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been employed as a nutrient-dense delicacy and valued herbal remedy for over 500 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) often uses it to address digestive issues, coughs, fevers, and parasites. Furthermore, ancient Japanese practitioners utilized Lion’s Mane to boost overall vitality and prolong life expectancy. Nutritionally speaking, Lion’s Mane boasts substantial quantities of minerals and vitamins. For instance, iron content far exceeds conventional edible mushrooms while B vitamin profiles compare favorably to brown rice. Its polysaccharide complex consists of beta-glucans believed to stimulate innate immunity via activation of immune cells. In recent decades, scientific investigations focused on assessing Lion’s Mane effects on human diseases yielded exciting results. Foremost, it displays remarkable neuroprotective capabilities crucial in shielding against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, seizures, and neuropathy. NGF (nerve growth factor) mediates many neurodegenerative processes whereby Lion’s Mane elevates its synthesis in our brains, thereby preserving nervous membrane integrity and improving synapse formation to support memory retention and normal reflexes. The exact mechanisms involve alterations in DNA methylation patterns controlling gene regulation along with reduction of amyloid precursor protein aggregation responsible for amyloidosis (brain plaque buildup). Additionally, Lion’s Mane acts as a formidable adaptogen enhancing psychological wellness and reducing anxious feelings by harmonizing cortisol concentrations and facilitating hippocampus-dependent memory acquisition. When confronted with persistent hardships, chronic disturbances can upset the hormonal balance, leading to emotional imbalances and cognitive decline. Consumption of Lion’s Mane extracts or whole fruit bodies could potentially mitigate these unfavorable circumstances by moderating the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis response to stressors. A study published in Biomedicine & Pharmacy found that subjects with mild depression demonstrated marked improvements in their Hamilton Depression Rating Scale ratings after six weeks of ingesting a standardized 3.6% ethanol extract. Another primary benefit stems from Lion’s Mane impact on gut microbiota composition and intestinal barrier functionality. Preliminary research indicates potential prebiotic properties stemming from oligosaccharides present within the fruit body’s flesh. Concurrently, water soluble fractions derived from mycelia showcase positive influences on Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacterial populations, creating a symbiotic environment for optimal nutrient absorption and systemic immunocompetence. Additionally, hepatoprotective and pancreas-regenerative effects have emerged from clinical trials with type II diabetic patients receiving 1.0 gram dosages thrice daily for four months. These observations suggest prospective probiotic applications beyond the scope of nutritious supplementation.NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
Medicinal mushrooms have gained popularity in recent years due to their potential health benefits and ability to boost the immune system. In particular, three types of medicinal mushrooms stand out – Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail. Each of them has unique properties that can provide significant health benefits. CHAGAChaga mushroom, also known as Inonotus Obliquus, is a type of fungus commonly found on birch trees in cold regions like Siberia and Alaska. For many centuries, its use has been intertwined with traditions, both ancient Scandinavian and contemporary Eastern European cultures. Russian Izhmorie and Komi shaman had established extensive knowledge on Chaga’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic and even aphrodisiac traits. There are at least five major factors that make Chaga arguable one of the most effective medicinal mushrooms on immunity. The Betulinic Acid which blocks enzyme therapeutically targeted by pharmaceutical chemotherapeutics & renders tumors inactive so serving as the body prefers self-defense system which could significantly magnify from supplementation via Chaga alone. The main component responsible for its effectiveness is beta glucans, which help activate the innate immune response.Chaga contains potent compounds with antioxidant capacity and possess an array of beneficial effects like boosting host defenses against cancer development, with the objective being interference with carcinogenic processes amidst a backdrop supportive to T-cell reactivity and minimizing wasting away of vitality related to chronic diseases. Lab tests illuminate how chaga mushrooms contain numerous constituents whose interactions likely drive effectiveness and control activities related to the activation, migration/adhesion, survival and cytokine secretion patterns collectively referred to as tumor microenvironment modulation – a key component contributing towards determining the directionality of whether conditions are amenable to disease regression vs. continued spreading since tumors cannot grow without appropriately deploying these functions. REISHIReishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is another of the top medicinal mushrooms known to provide therapeutic benefits. Extracts from both cultured and wild varieties of G. lucidum reveal potential impacts on reducing tumor size through specific mechanisms of action, via an innate immunomodulatory property distinctively different from mushroom species that primarily act via adaptive immunity actions. Therefore, reishi mushroom can contribute to the establishment of anti-inflammatory and anticancer environments within living systems by targeting leukocytes and reactive oxygen intermediate mediators typically associated with neurologically degenerative symptoms of concern such as Alzheimer’s, while also exhibiting growth suppression towards leukemia cells and fibrosarcoma lineage. Furthermore, as tumorigenesis remains a dynamic process shaped by multiple genetic factors impacted by environmental influences, whole Ganoderma preparations demonstrate enhanced antitumoral effects over pure components isolated in earlier investigations (e.g., triterpene fraction), implying complex polyphenol synergism compensates for otherwise individually insignificant contributions to bring overall additive effects often equal to or exceeding single agent impacts achieved alone.Overall, pharmacological examination into Ganoderma activities unveil fascinating prospects towards utilization of safer, readily available natural sources like dietary supplements, functional food ingredients or complementary medicine strategies as a part of comprehensive treatment approaches developed alongside modern targeted therapies and optimal nutrition principles in combating disorders characterized by maladaptive inflammation.As one of the oldest recorded tonics in Chinese naturalism called “Ling Zhi,” Reishi holds elevated regard within traditional East Asian therapeutic philosophies because of the purported favorable consequences distributed via 1300 substances detected throughout four dozen diverse fractions characterizing this polysaccharide-rich complex fruiting body. Although much early documentation depends on folklore gathering experiences passed down over generations using animal tales, reverent symbolisms, allegories, and dream interpretations, modern enthusiasts maintaining several holistic healing perspectives marvel at Ling Zhi for promoting relaxation, sleep regulation, cardiovascular harmony, digestive regeneration, external beauty enhancement, and stronger all-around adaptability to detoxify and strengthen the immune system functions. TURKEY TAIL The turkey tail (Coriolus versicolor) mushroom has been used medicinally in Asia for thousands of years and is considered one of the top medicinal mushrooms. Here are some of its known medicinal benefits: Immune Boost: One of the main reasons people take turkey tail is because it helps strengthen your immune system. It does this by increasing the number of white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells (NK cells). Cancer Treatment: Studies suggest that turkey tail may help slow down the progression of cancer and improve quality of life during conventional cancer therapy such as chemotherapy. In fact, it has undergone clinical trials for breast cancer patients who have completed surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy and was found safe and tolerable with no serious adverse events reported. Liver Protection: Turkey tail has demonstrated hepatoprotective effects against liver damage caused by toxicity and oxidative stress. This benefit can come from taking either raw whole extract or hot water extracts of the fungus. Cardiovascular Benefits: Several animal experiments indicate Coriolus Versicolor polysaccharide peptide may reduce cholesterol levels while attenuating cardiac hypertrophy following MI. This protein might also lower serum creatinine, plasma urea nitrogen, and lipid peroxidation along with improving heart function rate 6 months postinfarction. Antiviral Effects: Turkey tail demonstrates antiviral properties in vitro using influenza A virus as a reference pathogen. However, there isn’t any direct application yet due to the lack of experimentation into animal models and eventually human trials. CONCLUSIONThe medicinal mushrooms Chaga, Reishi, and Turkeytail have been used in traditional medicine practices for centuries due to their powerful health promoting properties. Scientific research has confirmed that these mushrooms offer numerous health benefits including: anti-inflammatory effects, enhancement of immunity, reduction of oxidative stress, improvement in cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stimulating liver function, supporting digestive balance, increased energy production, regulation of gut microbiota, aiding in recovery from chemotherapy side effects, improving sleep, reducing joint pain and arthritis symptoms, strengthening bones and cartilages, fighting fungal, viral and bacterial infections and many others. These mushrooms can be consumed through tea, capsules, extracts, smoothie mix powders, beer, syrups, milks, etc. It’s very important to consult a qualified expert and proper dosing guidelines prior to consuming them to achieve desired results and avoid any harmful consequences. The Medicinal properties of Chaga, Reishi, and Turkeytails make them one of nature’s most powerful gifts to humanity, accessible for everyday heath purposes throughout our lives. Let us celebrate this joy by incorporating it to everyone we know, helping each other enjoy all the beautiful things life has given us as long as we take care of ourselves. We should remember these plants while remembering “old age and skin worms, hair turns grey- but nonetheless these magnificent fungi will always be here to help you”. NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
As we continue to learn about the complexities of the human body and mind, scientific research has identified several natural agents capable of enhancing brain and neuron health. These remarkable substances work synergistically to keep us mentally fit and actively engaged throughout our lifespan. In this review, six notable examples will be discussed with respect to their distinct contributions toward boosting brain power while mitigating the risks of age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases. To begin, we must first recognize that different communities around the world have utilized these botanical remedies in their diets or as ingredients in remedial preparations for generations. In various studies, these plants have been scientifically proven to contribute towards maintaining mental fitness and ensuring optimal neurological development. In some cases, these herbs served as an alternative source of antioxidants necessary for upkeep of nerve cells and prevention of neural inflammation. In others, the chemical compounds present inside were key components in improving the transmission of electrical signals between individual neurons. With these known plants, we can further understand the gifts of Nature that is readily available to all of us to heal the brain. Lion’s Mane Mushroom The edible fungi is known for its ability to boost nerve growth factor and help regenerate damaged nerves. Studies show it may also assist in reducing anxiety, depression, and fatigue while sharpening focus and cognitive abilities. Its long history traces back to traditional medicine practices in China and Japan where it was considered both culinary and therapeutic. It was even reported to be one of the ‘Foods of the Gods’, used by elite Buddhists residing at high altitudes in Tibet. This mushroom has been part of folklore and traditional remedies in various parts of East Asia, North America, and Russia.Recommendation: FreshCap Lion’s Mane Supplements (Amazon) or cooked fresh from Grocery Store Phosphatidylcholine (PC) Found widely in nature, especially seafood, Phosphatidylcholine plays a crucial role in preserving cell membrane integrity. Discoveries in neuroscience show significant evidence of phosphatidylcholine contributing positively toward maintaining cell membranes and preserving the structure of the body’s organs. Phospholipids are essential to forming myelin sheaths surrounding neural fibres that increase electrical signal conductivity. Phosphatidylcholine additionally functions to promote better neuroprotection from injury as well as safeguarding against degenerative processes, maintaining proper acetylcholine signaling vital for human cognition and sleep quality.Recommendation: Double Wood brand supplements (Amazon) Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) Brahmi exerts antidepressant effects while mitigating oxidative stress damage and supporting critical neurotransmitter synthesis, thereby fostering synaptic plasticity and dendritic growth. By targeting crucial physiological pathways integral to our cognitive function, Bacopa empowers us towards heightened intellectual activity and clarity. Consuming adequate amounts of Brahmi provides enduring protection for our fragile neural circuitry against premature wear and tear, allowing for extended maintenance of mental vitality. Comprehensively researched as an adaptogen and nootropic, Brahmi stands out as a prime botanical supplement worthy of recognition. A key ingredient in countless Ayurvedic formulations and traditional medicines, Bacopa boasts verbal learning, attention span, visual processing, and spatial working memory; owing much of its efficacy to its flavonoid and saponin content.Recommendation: Himalaya brand supplements (Amazon) Ginkgo Biloba One of nature’s most renowned memory enhancers is derived from leaves of the ancient Ginkgo tree. An array of bioactive constituents present in Ginkgo biloba extract supports various aspects of brain function, especially cerebral microcirculation and oxygen supply to neurons. Numerous human clinical trials have demonstrated potential improvements in memory recall, general cognitive function, and even reduced signs of cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, recent findings propose mechanisms behind Ginkgo’s beneficial effect might involve inhibiting proinflammatory pathways implicated in chronic brain conditions.Recommendation: Beljanski brand supplements (Amazon) Rauwolfia vomitoria Commonly recognized as Yohimbe, this West African evergreen tree has been traditionally utilized for treating mental afflictions, such as anxiety and depression. Modern studies attribute Yohimbe’s positive effects on the brain due to its ability to raise levels of certain neurotransmitters including dopamine, noradrenoepinephrine (norepinephrine), and serotonin in specific parts of the brain. Additionally, scientists speculate that the flavonoid compounds found in the tree may possess antioxidant attributes that could help defend against free radical-induced neuronal harm, further promoting normal brain health.Recommendation: Beljanski brand supplements (Amazon) Nattokinase This potent blood clotting enzyme isolated from fermented soybeans plays an important role in supporting vascular integrity and reducing the risk of cardiovascular events associated with poor blood flow to the brain. While not directly linked to brain function, research shows that adequate blood delivery to the brain significantly influences its metabolism and physiology. By improving endothelial health and blood viscosity, Nattokinase indirectly contributes to optimal cerebrovascular nutrition, potentially reducing the incidence of age-associated cognitive dysfunction and other neurological concerns. However, more investigations must delve deeper into the connections between Nattokinase and brain health outcomes before concrete conclusions can be drawn.Recommendation: Double Wood brand supplements (Amazon) Conclusion From the mighty Lion’s Mane mushroom to the humble but effective Nattokinase, each natural compound showcases unique abilities to preserve brain structure and function. The combined use of these agents could represent an advanced approach to optimizing long-term cognitive capacity alongside emotional equilibrium. As modern science continues to validate traditional remedies and explore novel therapeutics inspired by nature, empowering your neural network will become easier than ever. With proper guidance and responsible consumption, incorporating these smart nutrients into daily habits may very well serve as a gateway to better living throughout life’s journey.NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
Hormonal imbalances can lead to various physical and mental problems, affecting men and women alike. While Western medical treatment focuses on pharmaceutical interventions, traditional Eastern medicines often recommend natural remedies from local plants and flowers. Fortunately, there are several botanical solutions available that can help regulate hormone levels naturally. This article will discuss four such plants – Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Pine Pollen (Pinus massoniana) and Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica). Ashwaganda Ashwaganda, also known as ‘Indian Ginseng’, is considered one of the most potent herbs for alleviating stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Native to India and parts of Africa, this perennial shrub has been used in Ayurveda medicine since ancient times to restore vigor and vitality. One of the primary reasons for its effectiveness lies in its ability to regulate cortisol levels, a hormone released during moments of intense stress. By reducing cortisol, Ashwaganda allows the body to produce more testosterone, thus improving overall physical strength and mental alertness. Furthermore, studies have found that Ashwaganda increases fertility, sperm quality and quantity, and even reduces inflammation. Shatavari Shatavari, another popular herbal medicine, offers benefits specifically tailored towards women’s needs. However, shatavari can be equally helpful for men seeking to restore their reproductive capabilities or overcome hormonal imbalances caused by aging. This climbing vine produces branched leaves and yellow blooms and is particularly rich in saponins, phytosterols, and bioavailable calcium—all critical elements necessary for healthy hormone production. Consumed regularly, shatavari helps amplify progesterone levels, alleviate the symptoms of andropause, and augment overall vitality and fertility. Some suggest including Shatavari in one’s dietary routine helps amplify testicular mitochondrial output, leading to more efficient conversion of cholesterol into pregnenalone and eventually testosterone. Pine Pollen Pine pollen, obtained from pine trees, has gained recognition as a potent source of nutritional content, including all eight essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin D3, healthy fats, and nearly two dozen trace minerals. Historians credit the Taoist monks of old China for pioneering pine pollen use. Known across Asia as “the manly tonic,” pine pollen boasts testosterone-boosting properties, making it suitable for men seeking better hormonal balance. This comes via a natural blend of trace elements like zinc and magnesium alongside phytosterols, which convert to testosterone once ingested. Research shows that consuming pine pollen may increase testosterone levels in men by up to 60% within three days of taking it. Not only does this help enhance athletic performance and overall energy levels, but it can also lead to better sexual function and cognitive function. Stinging Nettle Common in Europe and North America, stinging nettle possesses unique abilities that rival those of conventional hormone modulating drugs without negative side effects. Combining Pine Pollen and Stinging Nettle creates dual action for both promoting healthy hormone levels and preventing future disease states associated with dysregulated hormone production. Stinging nettle is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce systemic oxidative stress throughout the entire body. Oxidative stress is the primary cause of hormone imbalances in males, so consuming stinging nettle alongside pine pollen further supports restoring your endocrine system to optimal levels. Plus, recent clinical studies demonstrate that stinging nettle root extract leads to significant reductions in serum levels of specific growth factors associated with increased risk of prostate cancer development. Conclusion Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Pine Pollen, and Stinging Nettle are four exceptional plants whose use dates back hundreds of years. While modern science continues to unveil their mechanisms of action, there’s no denying the fact that our ancestors had access to these potent plants that could restore harmony in the human body. From improving sleep quality to increasing muscle mass and libido, these plants offer diverse benefits that complement one another to create a synergistic effect. It’s time to look beyond synthetic alternatives and embrace the power of Mother Nature to overcome hormonal issues and achieve optimal health. Whether it be through herbal supplements or tea preparations, integrate these magical plants into your lifestyle today and witness the transformation for yourself.NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
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As passionate Earthcrafters and Polymathic artists respectively, our goal is to bring a whimsical yet practical touch to handmade Earthy Creations. Our creations range from cozy Hobbit Homes to intricate Mushroom Skull Curiosities and magical Woodland Dreamcatchers. We source our materials from the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania & preserve all our moss, mushrooms & wild elements ourselves. By honoring our Nature through Nature, we aim to help cultivate a strong sense of interconnectedness between humanity and the living Earth. Our journey began several years ago, where each of our complimentary creative passions brought us to form our artistry. Ever since, we have both been wandering The Deep Forest gathering for the Nature which calls to us. This process of selecting just the right elements often involves foraging excursions filled with joyous exploration throughout our nearby forest sanctuaries. To capture the essence of these precious ingredients requires patience, perseverance, and perhaps even a dash of alchemical magic. Mosses and lichens, once plucked with care, find new life within our handmade homes; each crevice, nook, and cranny adorned to resemble miniature fungal metropolises complete with diminutive denizens. Our Dreamcatchers become vessels of dreamtime lucidity, each filament delicately threaded with feathers, wood, and gemstones whispering ancient secrets of peaceful restorative slumber. Our Tarot cards, likewise, feature hand illustrated mystical images drawn from an extensive background of esoteric art & holistic design. In every creation lies our devotion to honoring both the beauty of Nature’s infinite forms and the inherent sacredness each holds. So come, dear friends, and partake in our world of wonder. Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry binding us all within this incredible planetary playground. Allow the magic of The Deep Forest to guide you toward greater understanding, reverence, and love for the very Nature we are born to Be.NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]
Lucid dreaming refers to the phenomenon wherein a person becomes aware that they are dreaming while still inside a dream state. This heightened level of consciousness allows dreamers to exert greater control over their surroundings and even change aspects of their own behavior or perception within the dream environment. Such experiences provide fertile soil for introspection, self-exploration, and creativity, making lucid dreaming highly valuable to our personal growth journey. In this piece, we will explore what lucid dreaming entails, why it holds tremendous potential for personal development, and some practical techniques you might find helpful. Why is lucid dreaming essential for evolution? Our subconscious minds contain vast amounts of information, memories, habits, belief systems, and emotional patterns that shape our waking experience. By accessing deeper layers of our psychological landscape during dream states, lucid dreamers gain precious opportunities to confront hidden fears and neuroses, challenge limiting thought patterns, rehearse desired behaviors, and practice new problem-solving strategies in virtual realities tailored specifically to each dreamer’s unique needs. Furthermore, the profound sense of agency experienced in lucid dreams helps build confidence, courage, and resilience by providing a safe space to experiment with new skills and personas without any significant risk to one’s ego or reputation. Ultimately, intentional exploration of our internal landscapes via lucid dreaming expeditions promotes growth, integration, and positive transformation at the core of our being. What are some effective methods for inducing lucid dreams? Several proven tools can enhance your chances of experiencing lucid dreams. To start, you may want to invest in high-quality blue-light blocking glasses (Bulletproof makes excellent options). Using these devices during regular daytime hours, especially in the evening, helps regulate your circadian rhythms by reducing exposure to artificial light sources that supports a balance between mental relaxation and alertness. Additionally, you can integrate calming herbal supplements like valerian root, passionflower, or chamomile tea into your sleep routine to support serene conditions conducive to vivid dream recall. Other plant extracts like Schisandra berry fruit, which contains lignans shown to promote deeper restfulness, and Mugwort leaves, traditionally used for enhancing dream clarity and intensity, may be considered when incorporated into teas or capsule formulations alongside additional adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea or Ashwagandha. These botanical allies often work synergistically with other practices, allowing you to fine-tune your approach based on individual preferences. Remember to consult with a qualified practitioner before introducing new substances to your regimen. One crucial component that should not be overlooked when embarking on the path toward increased lucidity during slumber is the maintenance of a detailed dream journal. Writing down the intricacies of both ordinary dreams and successful lucid episodes provides multiple benefits. Recording fleeting visions can aid memory retention, potentially facilitating recognition of recurring symbols, characters, or situations relevant to your waking life or unaddressed concerns. Documenting your lucid dreams enables tracking progress, identifying areas needing improvement, as well as serving as an archived database for later reference. The simple act of journalling about dream experiences also fosters reflectiveness, stimulating contemplation about connections linking seemingly disjointed occurrences within yourself and your external reality. As such, regularly committing dream narratives to paper creates another tool that bolsters overall awareness and psychological insight – indispensable precursors to attaining more frequent lucid dreams.In summary, lucid dreaming represents a vital aspect of our continued personal growth. It offers access to otherwise hard-to-reach psychological depths, furnishing us opportunities to evolve through confronting deeply ingrained facets of ourselves. Implementing diverse means, whether physical or metaphysical, enables individuals to develop their innate abilities in this domain, strengthening characteristics useful beyond just dream time. From setting up appropriate light conditions to intentionally ingesting herbs or using affirmations, anyone willing to make modest adjustments to daily routines can improve their likelihood of achieving and better navigating lucid dreams. Keeping a dream journal supplies numerous advantages, enabling the construction of a strong foundation for sustained success in consciously traversing the twilight zone. We encourage you to venture forth boldly into your dream worlds, knowing that every step taken now sets you on an illuminated path blazed with exciting possibilities. Embrace your inner dreamer, and discover boundless treasures waiting to transform who you become!NOTE: Temporary Text provided by AI [...]


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