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❂ Wesak Festival & Temples ❂

Last night’s Full Moon marks the Buddhist Holiday known as the Vesak or Wesak Festival which, in Buddhist traditions, celebrates the opportunity gifted by the Full Moon. This period is known to be the day of greatest spiritual opportunity of the entire year. Blessed by this energetic potential, I was fortunate to experience not just one, but three distinctly separate Buddhist Temples in a single night – each honoring one aspect of three associated to the respected Divine Figure. I would discover, by visiting each one, that mastering via multi-lifetime practices of all three, the experience interconnects to form an even greater Sacred Trinity select few embody within one’s True Soul, eventually expressing into One’s Being each reincarnation.

Upon reflection of the journey embarked, Temples, far and wide, honor Sacred Nature as they embody imprinted energy emitted during spiritual practices of refining One’s Soul. By design & upkeep via practiced presence, each site’s offerings arise from unique dedication that span many lifetimes. As I recall long upward stairs that lead up to each beautifully maintained shrine by a respected overseer, I am reminded of how Temples merge toward a raised point similar to a mountain’s peak. Such heights are symbolic of long upward journeys, commonly embarked to achieve wider perspectives of the present horizon but also for the concentrated energy within local fields which extend from the interconnected ‘Earthly’ body.

By using my self-established ‘Art of Symbolism’ technique, deconstructing the word ‘Temple’ translates to a “Point or gathering of energy emitting outwards continuously.” This construct extends to both the sacred sites these ancient locations are greatly respected for, as well as our own physical body serving as a Temple. Even that of the Temple located on our forehead is where four carbon-crystalline bones of the skull fuse together acting as an emitting point for our auric field via our bio-electromagnetism functionality.

Many, if not all, sacred sites are known most by native cultures to harmoniously increase the field’s potential of any locally concentrated life-force energy. This holds potential to heighten our subtle sensory capacity which may express through our own unique Nature to increase ‘psychic’ receptivity, out-of-body ‘Astral’ exploration in hyperspace, & intuitive communication interpreted from outside the commonly-acknowledged spectrum range. As these honed practices are explored to unlock said abilities, such gifts imprint upon us & our Soul, thus extending easier access in Soul-linked lives yet present.

As we each individually & collectively experience our Sojourn onward, our potential to participate & uphold Sacred cultural practices may reveal interconnected roots which aid rediscovery of unlocked potential once witnessed within cycles of Golden Ages. ❂

-Eric Tecce ❂