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#004 “Eye of the Be Holder” feat. Tory Kroeger

Understanding the code of the universe allows us to work with systems and learn how energy flows. This knowledge helps us perceive how things function fractally. When we honor and support our bodies, we process a greater potential of light and energy, allowing us to be in tune with ourselves and better radiate our soul into Being. The “Trinity Energy Force”, a concept Tory subconsciously explored over a decade ago, comes full circle to represent Universal One’s harmonious balance of spirit, magnetism, and electricity.

The breath of life is Creation’s way of interacting with us. Our first breath imprints a wave of light from that moment forward. We navigate this world as waves, emitting through time the nature of electricity, magnetism, and spirit as life itself. This Trinity Energy Force symbolizes this balance. Our journeys shape who we become; and through the Heart, Universe arrives into being from/through us.

Even in Astrology, each person’s natal chart is unique based off the wave of Light we come into, much like one’s Iris or Fingerprint. Even the lens of our perception arrives into being through our Nature. Symbols serve as Divine Design of the One. It’s essence of being alone allows us to exist of Nature, by Nature, for Nature. Through the use of Nature’s Fractal Essence, we bridge our horizons without the complexity. This is what I refer to as natural philosophy.

In this podcast, we explore the idea of perception, reality, and the Universal One through the lens of the Be holder. Additional exploration include various topics related to Nature, Astrology, Field/Sphere (Sphield?) mechanics, Life Force Energy, and even personal growth. We emphasized the importance of being true to oneself and staying in tune with the natural world to sustain our perpetual dance through Universe. The interconnected web of all things, through the concept of the Trinity Energy Force, help us discover the balance of spirit, magnetism, and electricity into fractal Being.

I hope we may inspire you to continue embracing your unique journey of Light and trust in synchronicity of Universe to provide & guide us to true Healing. A reminder to always & continuously Stay True.

Recorded May 5th, 2024
Runtime: 110 minutes

Full Podcast:

#004 “Eye of the Be Holder” feat. Tory Kroeger by Eric Tecce

The Fractal Nature of Universe & The Lens of Our Being

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