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#007 “Light₄₄” feat. Tory Kroeger

Fractal Forms, Nature of Light, Pineal Gland's Function, Language of Astrology, Our Responsibility of our Current, and Fairies.

#007 “Light₄₄” feat. Tory Kroeger by Eric Tecce

Fractal Forms, Nature of Light, Pineal Gland’s Function, Language of Astrology, Our Responsibility of our Current, and Fairies.

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Life always offers us symbols to communicate with us based off who we are, how we are. Even the folklore of fairies raises the importance of acknowledging the significance of their nudges. The Nature of our construct by Light through Astrological Lens offers an avenue to discover the Nature of where Universe connects to us. Each element is a dance of energy waiting to deliver universe into it’s healing moment of the ever present now.

Even water, making up the majority of our organic physical bodies, has the ability to function a collective communication network, while also a conduit of activating memorial & electric potential. Through its fluid architecture, it offers potential of rejuvenating properties of our bodies as it comes to Be, highlighting the importance of self-care and to celebrate respecting your body as a temple to better offer harmony to the great song in the sky.

The heart, as a pulsating energetic force, connects us to existence and guides our journey through the yin and yang. There is great power in expression and we must consider the importance of taking responsibility for our attitudes and perceptions. By tending our own gardens, we uncover forces that offer a deeper connection to rediscover the self and the Universal One.

The most important thing is to stay curious and be open to new experiences. Always acknowledged the potential for growth and harmony arises when we work in tandem with our unique construct of Light. Honoring these principles serve as a celebration of life and the beauty of expression.

Thank you for joining us on this journey & enjoy the episode!

Full Episode:

Recorded May 26th, 2024
Runtime: 48 minutes