Shifting Seasons ❆ Solutions for Fractal Weather

Being in tuned to the Natural Cycles, I have observed an ever increasing shift in both Weather Patterns & polarizing Temperature Extremes. These shifting streams are increasingly causing various phenomena such as the Polar Vortexes & other Seasonal oddities that directly affect crop production (and the larger agricultural industry as a whole). The source of these shifts seem to originate from a fractal influence of the Cosmic Kind, our Sun & Beyond. As we evaluate these larger cycles, we can assess potential trends & warnings for what is yet to come so that we can both innovate & integrate practical solutions today.

What measures can we each can take locally to provide our community & family with the abundance of foods to weather during these unforeseen conditions? And as signs point to a potential period of global cooling, can we outgrow failed models from the past to truly understand & flow with the nature of our living-breathing world?

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