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Creative Experience

Intuitive Expression

Visual Identity

Fine Art Foundation

Thematic Production

Fractal Symbology

Cinematographic Eye

Visionary Composition

Creative Consultant

As a Polymathic Artist, I provide custom tailored solutions to clients seeking professional guidance in fractal fields such as arts, writing, editing, event planning and promotion, education curriculum development, music composition and performance, esoteric & metaphysical services, & more. A wide area of expertise, versatility and adaptability enables effective strategies to empower individuals and organizations seeking creative expansions. Various consultation tiers include conceptual brainstorming, creative contribution, or resourceful inspiration to spark innovation.


From Traditional Inkwork to Digital Visionaries, I have accumulated over 20 Years of Experience in the Art of Illustration. Motivated to express symbolism & information, this passion driven artwork will always be an extension of my Soul.


Connecting the Natural World has provided over 15 years of experience with capturing Light. The True Beauty of the Wild will always touch the Heart of the Soul.


Handcrafted & Inspired by Nature, Earthcrafts range from Miniature Hobbit Homes to one of a kind foraged creations such as Wood Burned Crystal Wands, Fractal Dream Catchers, Mushroom Sculptures, Nature Curiosities, Clay Sculptures, Woodwork, & More


15 Years of Experience in Holistic Graphic, Web, Information, & Visual Design to create Interactive Representation extending your True Nature.

Creative Consultant

If potential aligns, my creative experience may be offered to further co-create visions beyond that of one’s eye. Contact me for further details.


Concept Creation
Short-term Feedback
Vision Reflection
Idea Starter


Assistive Development
Creative Suggestions & Input
Vision Expansion
Goal Oriented


Active Director in Creation
Advanced Development
Project Management
Complete Vision