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Creative Experience

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Visual Identity

Fine Art Foundation

Thematic Production

Fractal Symbology

Cinematography Eye

Visionary Composition

Creative Consultant

Drawing upon a wide variety of skills and experiences, I provide tailored solutions to clients seeking professional guidance in fractal fields such as arts, writing, editing, event planning and promotion, education curriculum development, music composition and performance, esoteric & metaphysical services, & more. Unlike conventional experts who tend to limit themselves to narrow areas of expertise, a polymath brings valuable versatility and adaptability which enables him/her to view challenges through multiple lenses and develop effective strategies accordingly. By leveraging cross-disciplinary knowledge, my role helps foster imaginative, authentic expressions that resonate deeply with audiences because they stem from genuine passion and comprehensive insights. My ultimate aim is to empower individuals and organizations seeking growth opportunities and artistic fulfillment, whether it entails conceptual brainstorming, hands-on assistance, or simply providing inspiration to spark innovation.


As a skilled artist employing age-old penmanship techniques alongside advanced digital media, I create immersive worlds teeming with intricate details and mesmerizing depth. Each elegant hand drawn line represents a labor of love and undying passion. I listen attentively to tailor designs echoing the heart of Being. My portfolio features figure drawing, nature studies, logos, book covers, game assets, and more. Emphasizing mastery over various mediums, my signature fusion of analogue practices and digital manipulation results in ethereal pieces capable of captivating any audience. Delivering superb quality with rapid turnaround times ensures complete satisfaction for all commissions undertaken.

From Traditional Inkwork to Digital Visionaries, I have accumulated over 20 Years of Experience in the Art of Illustration. Motivated to express symbolism & information, this passion driven artwork will always be an extension of my Soul.


Drawing inspiration from nature’s sublime grandeur and mankind’s marvelous accomplishments, I seek to translate my vision into evocative images that captivate and transport viewers to another place. By fusing cutting-edge equipment, innovative post-processing techniques, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, my photographic portfolio spans across an array of genres—from sweeping landscapes to intimate still lifes. Whether collaborating with clients or embarked upon solo ventures, I remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in pursuit of breath-taking shots destined to leave lasting impressions.

Connecting the Natural World has provided over 15 years of experience with capturing Light. The True Beauty of the Wild will always touch the Heart of the Soul.


Combining natural crystals with modern technology to handcraft one-of-a-kind creations, I embrace both traditional methods and futuristic tools to bring forth truly distinct works of art. From delicate rune-etched wands imbued with arcane energies to cozy illuminated hobbit houses fashioned after J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic stories, I cater to a variety of tastes and interests. Transforming discarded wood fragments and organic matter into whimsical sculptures that showcase the raw beauty of our planet further expands my range of bespoke offerings. Driven by passion, I pour heartfelt devotion into every piece, infusing them with inherent magic and wonder. Connect with me today to commission a singular item that reflects your unique soul and character.

Handcrafted & Inspired by Nature, Earthcrafts range from Clay Totem Sculptures to one of a kind Forest Crafts. These creations extend to Crystal Wands, Dream Catchers, Mushroom Sculptures, Woodwork, & More


As an experienced individual skilled in multiple disciplines, I offer holistic design services by taking a multifaceted approach to problem solving. Utilizing intuitive expertise in typography, color theory, composition, legibility, and style, I aim to deliver powerful messaging resonating deeply with the intended audience. My abilities enable me to optimize the user experience by merging functional efficiency and aesthetics in concert with an expansive background as a polymathic artist. My versatility enables adaptability to different project types and scales, providing valuable contribution for each project I connect with. Ultimately, my objective remains to produce exceptional outcomes through creative synergies, thus enabling true holistic design.

15 Years of Experience in Graphic, Web, Information, & Creative Design to create Interactive Presentation of Information or Brand Identity. Each serving as an extension of creative Expression.

Creative Consultant

If potential aligns, my creative experience may be offered to further co-create visions beyond that of one’s eye. Contact me for further details.


Concept Creation
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