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The Artist

Polymathic Artist & Creative Consultant

With a select skillset & wide range of experience, I am able to offer an extensive selection of creative endeavors. As with all works of Art, alignment is key in choose each & every project, exploring it to a degree yet to be witnessed in the world.


Welcome to my world! My name is Eric Tecce, and I am a polymathic artist who has been creating my whole life. As a teenager attending high school in the Poconos, I had already started gaining recognition for my artwork. Some of my pieces were even published in magazines and featured in video games. By the time I finished high school, I had already launched multiple apparel brands and participated in multiple juried art exhibitions.

After graduation, I decided to pursue higher education at Keystone College, where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. During my college days, I explored different fields outside of pure art, studying psychology, illustration, design, photography, and more. These experiences greatly influenced me and helped hone my skills in leadership roles on campus.

My desire for adventure led me to relocate to the Appalachian Trail, where I set up numerous studios: Nu-Common Sense, The Deep Forest, Waking Canvas, and lastly, my self-named studio. Alongside my art practice, I immersed myself in studies about the esoteric and astrology, allowing my inner thoughts and perspectives on existence to blossom within my works. With a passion rooted deep inside me since my younger days, my inspirations come from greats like Leonardo Da Vinci and Walter Russell, two great examples of artists skilled across multiple domains.

In conclusion, I wish to express my gratitude to all who appreciate my art. Each day, I strive to become better than yesterday, seizing every opportunity to grow, evolve, and push boundaries. My goal is not only to achieve personal success but to uplift humanity itself by sharing powerful messages and lessons through my art. Thank you for joining me on this wonderful ride through imagination into unknown realms. Please follow along for future updates, collaborations, commissions, and much more!


Creative Consultant & Director
Divinitive Deck Creator
Illustrator & Photographer

Wanderer & Nature Spirit

With a life long connection to the Natural World, I have been inspired as an Artist to capture & share the many wonders present in Nature. Each an extension of true Beauty at it’s core.

“Nature Speaks to Those Who Listen”

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