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ASTRO LIGHT Oracle & Map Introduction

My follow up project to my Tarot Deck is an Illustrative Series of Constellations, Planetaries, & Star Resonances that will serve to be a Divinitive Deck & Astrological tool. A complete Star Map will provide an easy way to accurately learn the stars as to navigate the night sky & the mythos behind them. The art style is expanded from previously released decks. There are a number of constellations available to witness through time lapses and completed variants using the Studio Pass Subscription. I eventually may expand to a new set of Constellations that are more in tune to the Natural world & the resonances of the Astro Light.

If you wish to support the Studio project & get exclusive access to it’s culmination, I encourage you to participate in the subscription program. Using PATREON as a platform, I offer access to artwork, videos, timelapses, & more access it’s completed. Witness the Art of Creation & Gain Exclusive Access to the Studio Gallery previewing future Project Developments, Pre-Releases, Work-in-Progress, and Various Downloads. You will also have Special Contributor Discounts & Input on Future Releases through the Community Section. Options are available if you wish to just offer a small tip or commit to the Studio Pass – I am grateful for any & all of your generous support to help grow as an artist.