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Shadow Light TAROT READINGS Now Available on Youtube

So, I’ve Released some Monthly Tarot Readings (All Signs of the Zodiac)

Hey everyone & joyous August!

I hope each are you are well on your journey. It has been a crazy yet growth inspired time during the passing Eclipse-Season-Mercury-Retro-Extravaganza (still phasing away the shadow period as I type). With such a world shattering dance taking place, many people are experiencing a lot of changes. For some, this means that it is an uncomfortable time with many facing truths long ignored or suppressed. This coming month is a period to address many of the revelations life has graced into awareness through clarity & action. It is essential soul growth so that we can truly step into who we are meant to be.

Since the release of Shadow Light Tarot, the Journey creating Divinitive Decks has been such a beautiful yet inspiring avenue. With the experience gained in re-envisioning the Tarot, it has assisted to develop a deeper understanding of the symbolism present in the cards (especially Shadow Light). Together with this refined practice & intuitive confidence, I hope to offer others an external perspective/insight to assist in our current life happenings. Feel free to check out your corresponding Sun sign (Your Prominent Light), Moon sign (Inner Self), or Rising sign (External Expression) to better get a grasp of what is occurring below:

ARIES – Keep Going
TAURUS – Be your own Light
GEMINI – Let Go, Begin Anew
CANCER – Turning Point
LEO – Training Grounds
VIRGO – Speak Up
LIBRA – New Seeds
SCORPIO – Create your World
SAGITTARIUS – Turning the Page
CAPRICORN – Emotional Honesty
AQUARIUS – What about YOU?
PISCES – Washing Away

I, for one, encourage everyone to embrace this shift as even for myself, it brought to light personal lessons of self love I had never considered. Using the Tarot, I was able to process indescribable emotions and redevelop my connection to ‘Universe’ seeking clarity. Many of the messages I encountered myself, as well as seen through other Readers’ spread, were resonating to the same general collective shift taking place to step up for ourselves. 

As I was motivated at a soul level to move forward, I made progress towards becoming more active in the world by making videos again. This culminated into short yet resonate readings I would post on various social media. With the New Moon occuring, I wanted to help assist others on their journey through performing 12 readings for each Zodiacal Signs. I have since made them publicly available on the Youtube Channel for those interested. As this has been (and still is) an experiment, I am seeing how these videos & readings work out before considering integrating it on a schedule basis.

If you resonate, then I am grateful the message could be delivered. If you wish to see more Tarot Reading Videos, I welcome you to express your voice through a comment below or on the video’s page.

I will be releasing a number of videos on the Youtube Channel exploring more Esoteric & Metaphysical topics under a new series called Waking Magick. The channel is still small, so I invite you to subscribe & share to help support the studio’s Channel growth. As more support is garnered, this will open up the opportunity to increase the time & effort it takes to film, edit, and produce future videos. After all, I am a one man band producing videos, art, podcasts, & more at no expense other than my passionate drive. As an added bonus, I also respect each viewer to not monetize my videos & bombard you with ads (a philosophy I held since Youtube’s inception). So if you truly want to support the underdog, it’s gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for those who’ve supported the studio in the past & for your time present reading the ramblings of an esoteric artist. Hope everyone’s enjoying their Tarot Decks & look forward to the journey yet to BE. Blessings to All!

Monthly Tarot Readings PS- I am still developing my upcoming Oracle & Star Map, Astro Light (Progress on the Waking Canvas Patreon available to Studio Pass tier & above)