DIVINE MESSAGES & Where to Find Them

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNCnmNoGES0 Universe communicates to us in a number of ways. I explore various ways in which Divine Messages synchronistically arrive through our journey, but it is up to us to listen & strengthen our bond to our higher self. This connection through Spirit arises through our Waking Reality through a real time feedback of our life experiences. I hope to shed some light to assist in other's aligning with their best self.

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Shadow Light TAROT READINGS Now Available on Youtube

So, I’ve Released some Monthly Tarot Readings (All Signs of the Zodiac) Hey everyone & joyous August! I hope each are you are well on your journey. It has been a crazy yet growth inspired time during the passing Eclipse-Season-Mercury-Retro-Extravaganza (still phasing away the shadow period as I type). With such a world shattering dance taking place, many people are experiencing a lot of changes. For some, this means that it is an uncomfortable time with many facing truths long ignored or suppressed. This coming month is a period to address many of the revelations life has graced into awareness through clarity & action. It is essential soul growth so that…

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