ASTRO LIGHT Oracle & Map Introduction

My follow up project to my Tarot Deck is an Illustrative Series of Constellations, Planetaries, & Star Resonances that will serve to be a Divinitive Deck & Astrological tool. A complete Star Map will provide an easy way to accurately learn the stars as to navigate the night sky & the mythos behind them. The art style is expanded from previously released decks. There are a number of constellations available to witness through time lapses and completed variants using the Studio Pass Subscription. I eventually may expand to a new set of Constellations that are more in tune to the Natural world & the resonances of the Astro Light. If…

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STUDIO PASS Subscription Now Available

We are all on our journey experiencing a series of moments as we grow each day in the divine unfolding. Each of us gifted by nature & birthed to send waves in the cosmic sea. Along my path, I have been able to find the current which my adventure sets upon. With it comes a vision I am drawn to birth to life. My intuitive & adaptive approach allows me to trust that all will fall into place. My heart & passions will drive me there. Along the way, I offer the ability to support & assist in the expansion of the studio through monthly subscriptions. Using PATREON as a platform,…

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ART GALLERY Opening & Direcotry

Hello Everyone & I am excited to present to you a dedicated page to explore all the artworks which have been birthed thus far. Being in flux for sometime, I have been meaning to get everything organized while continuously creating more. I have since established a multi-page gallery pertaining to each of the various mediums I pursuit dating back to the last couple of years, if not more. The gallery is not a complete archive, but serves to display both my later works, as well as a variety & range of skills.Below is a guided directory to navigate to any particular pages you may take interest in exploring. ERIC TECCE, Main…

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