GUEST: Secrets of Saturn Live – The Magick of Art & More (2/12/2020)

I recently appeared as a guest on Secret of Saturn’s live stream podcast – which you may check out above. Plenty of topics explored from the Arts, Science, Dreams, Nature, Food, and all sorts of wonders. Great knowledge drop episode loaded with tons of ideas I have been brewing in my personal reflections & understandings.  

I discussed briefly my current projects of Lucid Light Tarot, as well as little details from developing Shadow Light Tarot. Aspects regarding my Astro Light Oracle & Star Map were mentioned as well & why I had to place this project on the back burner. Light is shed on a number of other projects I am trying to birth into reality, so tune in to experience a little bit of magick to inspire your day.

STUDIO PASS Subscription Now Available

We are all on our journey experiencing a series of moments as we grow each day in the divine unfolding. Each of us gifted by nature & birthed to send waves in the cosmic sea. Along my path, I have been able to find the current which my adventure sets upon. With it comes a vision I am drawn to birth to life. My intuitive & adaptive approach allows me to trust that all will fall into place. My heart & passions will drive me there. Along the way, I offer the ability to support & assist in the expansion of the studio through monthly subscriptions.

Using PATREON as a platform, I offer access to artwork, videos, timelapses, & more access it’s completed. Witness the Art of Creation & Gain Exclusive Access to the Studio Gallery previewing future Project Developments, Pre-Releases, Work-in-Progress, and Various Downloads. You will also have Special Contributor Discounts & Input on Future Releases through the Community Section. Options are available if you wish to just offer a small tip or commit to the Studio Pass – I am grateful for any & all of your generous support to help grow as an artist.

My follow up project to my Tarot Deck is an Illustrative Series of Constellations, Planetaries, & Star Resonances that will serve to be a Divinitive Deck & Astrological tool. I have & will continue to share development. Currently, there are a number of constellations available to witness through time lapses and completed variants using the Studio Pass Subscription. If you wish to support the Studio project & get exclusive access to it’s culmination, I encourage you to participate in the subscription program.

I truly welcome the support of those who resonate with my message and path as an Artist. It is a blessing to experience such a journey & glad I am able to share in a way that can expand the potential beyond ages. There is so much on the way I am excited to roam & discover the unknown ahead. Thank you for learning more & taking interest in the magick in motion.

ART GALLERY Opening & Direcotry

Hello Everyone & I am excited to present to you a dedicated page to explore all the artworks which have been birthed thus far. Being in flux for sometime, I have been meaning to get everything organized while continuously creating more. I have since established a multi-page gallery pertaining to each of the various mediums I pursuit dating back to the last couple of years, if not more. The gallery is not a complete archive, but serves to display both my later works, as well as a variety & range of skills.Below is a guided directory to navigate to any particular pages you may take interest in exploring.

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Hello World,

With a recent Eclipse season occurring as of this moment of writing, I am embarking on a new journey that will blossom into BEing from this day forward. With all the behind the scene adjustments coming into place, Mercury signal of going Direct will move motions of what waits ahead. I welcome new & old faces to discover the path I walk as an artist.

For those who are unfamiliar with the magick I birth into our Waking Reality, continue reading for a quick dive into the nature of my BEing…

I am a full time Artist specializing in Occultic & Esoteric-rich Illustrations.  My unique approach merges creative problem solving with the cultivated understanding of the harmonic nature of Waking Reality.  I pull inspiration from Nature & enjoy providing information visually through art itself. With passion as my driving force, I’ve always been keen to honor my artistic path & the gifts that come with. 

Since light could be perceived through my being, I was both fascinated & explored a number mediums similar to the path walked by Leonardo Da Vinci, an artist I take great inspiration from. I feel I can best be expressed as a Polymathic Artist. The mediums I currently focus on are Illustration, Design, Photography, and Videography but also extend to Coding, Sculptural, Woodworking, Creative Direction, & Music.

When an artist is truly at work, a state relative to meditation takes form. This allows for synchronistic inspiration & intuitive guidance to play unique roles in manifesting creative potential. This practice can lead an artist’s Creation to be enriched with symbolism, sacred geometry, and a visual language that speaks from the soul – at times even subconsciously. With any practice, the more one understand the true Nature of our Waking Reality, the more these forces consciously play a hand to have everything fall divinely into BEing. 

The light of my astrological resonance expresses Sagittarian resonance with my Sun & Venus, my Moon sitting in it’s home of Cancer resonance, my Rising tunneling my experience through a late Gemini perspective, and my mental Mercury harnessing the strategic Capricorn resonance. As we reach beyond the Earthly realm, further influences such as the drive of Mars carries the duality of Gemini, followed by my Leo Jupiter forming this harmonious Trine with my Sun. The remainder of outer planets (excluding the Rebirth energy of a Scorpio Pluto) taps into the Capricorn sector of the sky.

      Prior to the development of my Divinitive Decks, I was creating Visual Awakenings that embedded esoteric knowledge without the need of words through the Art alone. I had the opportunity to crowdfund & screen print many of these traditional illustrative works onto apparel from 2013 through 2015. There after I would explore a number of sculptural & Nature-inspired bodies of work. This transition then came full circle as 2016 brought fourth the beginning steps of illustrating my Tarot Decks. 

As of 2018, I had completed both Shadow Light Tarot & Wander Light Tarot. Both were successfully crowdfunded, providing the potential for these to finally take form in the full vision I had set out for the Decks. My outlook from here is to continue exploring & creating visual bodies of knowledge with my next project focusing on reinventing the Star Map & merging it with the Resonance mechanics found in studies such as Astrology. There after, I have interest to pursuit bodies of work focused on Mythology, Dreams, Crystals, and Plants.

The Magick Of The Tarot With Eric Tecce

The Magick Of The Tarot With Eric Tecce

Live Mon-Thurs 9 Pacific-Midnight

In this broadcast, we bring back artist and conscious explorer Eric Tecce. We disucss his new fabulous tarot deck the Shadow Light deck and the magick of tarot. We also discuss dream exploration, symbolism, and the creative process.
Music by Chronox, Kevin Mcleod, Space Station, Bundy And Carbon Based Life Forms


002 feat. ARON GOCHIN | Emerging from Plato's Cave: The Sense of Self in a Globalizing Society

Emerging from Plato’s Cave: The Sense of Self in a Globalizing Society feat. ARON GOCHIN

Today’s episode explores the importance of the self, and where we align to support that. We discuss the current society in the world and it’s metaphysical relation to spiritual growth. Plus synchronicity & universe choice of language.



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Eric Tecce : Lighting The Void: Live W/Joe Rupe: Dream Exploration

Eric Tecce : Lighting The Void: Live W/Joe Rupe: Dream Exploration

Check out our LIVE show, Tues-Wednesday7pm PST at
Eric Tecce is a Polymathic Artist who’s journey has been shaped through endless acts of creativity. He was born under a Sagittarius Sun with a Gemini Rising in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age, his family moved to the Poconos in Pennsylvania where Nature became the forefront of his studies. There he grew up attending Pocono Mountain High School where every opportunity was spent in the art rooms exploring all the available mediums as his artistic abilities blossomed into being.

By the time he graduated, he used his creativity to make his own career with a fully operational online business screen printing his own artwork onto apparel. Eric had his work featured in numerous Art Shows, Exhibitions, & Video Games and even traveled on tour by high school’s end. With no set direction, he followed suggestions to attend Keystone College majoring in Fine Arts. It wasn’t until his fourth year did the realization of the debt system kick in and all the rabbit holes that come with to find the true reality of the world we live in.

Since graduating from college, he moved along the Appalachian Trail reconnecting in nature where he returned to his roots of BEing. During those years he developed many of his subtle senses ranging from intuition, full spectrum visualization, and exploring dreams beyond the waking state. He balanced these metaphysical practices with working as freelance polymathic artist while illustrating multiple series of Esoteric themed ‘Visual Awakenings’ under his creative outlet, The Deep Forest. It wouldn’t be long until various one of a kind nature inspired crafts & sculptures were launched in his shop under Earthly Creations. Since then he has spent the last 2 years developing his yet to be titled Tarot Deck which features the culmination of all the occultic & symbolic understandings thus far in panoramic suits. As of today, the Tarot Deck is nearly complete with an estimated launch sometime in mid 2018.