ART GALLERY Opening & Direcotry

Hello Everyone & I am excited to present to you a dedicated page to explore all the artworks which have been birthed thus far. Being in flux for sometime, I have been meaning to get everything organized while continuously creating more. I have since established a multi-page gallery pertaining to each of the various mediums I pursuit dating back to the last couple of years, if not more. The gallery is not a complete archive, but serves to display both my later works, as well as a variety & range of skills.Below is a guided directory to navigate to any particular pages you may take interest in exploring.

ERIC TECCE, Main Website

Latest Videos

Main Gallery

WAKING CANVAS, Studio Website

Shadow Light Tarot Card Gallery

Shadow Light Tarot Kickstarter

Free Tarot Reading

Illustration (All)

Major Arcana Digital Illustration Series

Visual Awakening Traditional Illustration Series

Design (All)

Photography (Menu)

Nature Photography

Animal Photography

Culinary Photography

Crystal Photography

Earth Altar Photography

Sacred Spaces

Earthcrafts (Menu)

Clay Totems

Crystal Wands

Sacred Spaces

Studio Shop

Studio Pass Subscription

Society6 Shop

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Taurian Spirits (Earthcraft Shop)

LAST UPDATED: August 1st, 2019