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DIY: Large Model Hobbit Home Tutorial

Greetings wanderers of nature’s mysterious pathways and devoted builders of Middle-earth, welcome once again to The Deep Forest – a place where curiosity blends seamlessly with knowledge and where the heart of EarthCraft beats fiercer each day. We hope your journey thus far has been filled with adventure, discovery, and maybe even a few hobbits along the way!

As passionate guardians of this studio founded by the talented duo of Eric Tecce and Tory Lee, we are thrilled to share today’s announcement: the continued introduction of our Non-Verbal Exclusive Tutorial Series at the $25 tier level on Patreon!

For those who yearn to expand beyond building tiny homes for small folk, brace yourselves for the possibility of undertakings grand and magnificent. This series will guide you through the intricate steps required to bring your larger-than-life interpretations of iconic structures and dwellings straight out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. From the rustic charms of Bilbo Baggins’ tranquil halls to the imposing grandeur of Minas Tirith’s bastion walls, you’ll soon unlock secrets long hidden among these fertile depths of The Deep Forest.

These instructional videos feature a visual narrative that speaks volumes without any need for spoken languages. Like an elvish scroll unfolding before your eyes, step-by-step methods emerge as natural extensions of artistry. Each stroke of the spade, delicate placement of moss, and strategic arrangement of stones becomes a story waiting to be told in this serene, immersive environment.

And so, we invite you now to join us in this epic quest towards mastering the arts of EarthCraft. Every contribution, no matter how great or small, allows The Deep Forest to bloom further, nurtured by the generous hearts of the many and shaped by the skilled hands of the chosen ones. In return, a wealth of knowledge and endless fascination await, as the boundaries between human and nature dissolve into unity, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality.

Large Model Hobbit Home Tutorial

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