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DIY: Miniature Bound Book Tutorial

Are you ready to learn how to create your own wearable books, perfect for keeping notes or writing down your thoughts wherever you go? Look no further than the latest exclusive tutorial video from The Deep Forest studio, where multitalented artists Eric Tecce and Tory Lee come together to bring you the secrets behind their fantastical craftsmanship!

In this exciting new non-verbal video, Tory will show you step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own miniature bound and stitched books to keep close to your heart or display as a beautiful memento. Utilizing real sketch pages and a cover fashioned out of high-quality faux leather adorned with enchanting illustrations drawn by none other than Eric himself, these handmade books promise to become cherished treasures in anyone’s collection.

Are you looking to create something truly special and meaningful? Do you appreciate the beauty of homemade goods and the effort put into making each item unique? If so, we invite you to join The Deep Forest studio on Patreon, where multitalented artists Eric Tecce and Tory Lee are bringing back the tradition of genuine craftsmanship through a range of exciting tutorials and projects available exclusively for our supporters.

If you want to unlock the magic of creating these mini masterpieces yourself, then become a patron at the $25 tier level on Patreon. In doing so, you help to cover costs of the Studio as we continue our passions of Earthly Creations. As always, we are grateful for all the support thus far & yet to come – THANK YOU!

Miniature Bound Book Tutorial

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