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DIY: Mushroom Lantern Sculpture Tutorial

Welcome back to The Deep Forest! Our latest tutorial video takes you on a journey of crafting a magical Mushroom Lantern under the skillful guidance of EarthCraft artist Tory Lee herself for all our beloved patrons at the $25 tier..

Are you ready to embark upon an exciting adventure filled with moss, mischief, and pure enchantment? In this exclusive, step-by-step video, you will see exactly what goes into making one of our signature pieces: a magnificent Mushroom Lantern! All your wildest dreams of having a touch of otherworldly charm in your dwellings could soon be fulfilled right from the comfort of your home.

Using readily accessible materials such as a classic metal lamp base, vibrant moss, iridescent gems, hand-sculpted Amanita Mascaria mushrooms, and a dash of flora flair, this DIY project promises to elevate your interior design game to a whole new level. Observe Tory Lee’s exquisite craftsmanship in action as she breathe life into a delicate ceramic butterfly poised gracefully atop your newly minted Mushroom Lantern.

Don’t just imagine, experience the tranquility and delight that comes with owning an original creation made with love and passion. Join us today & embrace your inner fae spirit, spreading joy wherever your heart leads you. Remember, every purchase supports not only artistic growth but also sustainable practices that ensure future generations can appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature’s endless offerings. It’s never too late to ignite your inner artist and let your creativity soar – become part of our extended family of Earthcrafters.

Mushroom Sculpture Lantern Tutorial

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