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Eric Tecce : Lighting The Void: Live W/Joe Rupe: Dream Exploration

Check out our LIVE show, Tues-Wednesday7pm PST at
Eric Tecce is a Polymathic Artist who’s journey has been shaped through endless acts of creativity. He was born under a Sagittarius Sun with a Gemini Rising in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age, his family moved to the Poconos in Pennsylvania where Nature became the forefront of his studies. There he grew up attending Pocono Mountain High School where every opportunity was spent in the art rooms exploring all the available mediums as his artistic abilities blossomed into being.

By the time he graduated, he used his creativity to make his own career with a fully operational online business screen printing his own artwork onto apparel. Eric had his work featured in numerous Art Shows, Exhibitions, & Video Games and even traveled on tour by high school’s end. With no set direction, he followed suggestions to attend Keystone College majoring in Fine Arts. It wasn’t until his fourth year did the realization of the debt system kick in and all the rabbit holes that come with to find the true reality of the world we live in.

Since graduating from college, he moved along the Appalachian Trail reconnecting in nature where he returned to his roots of BEing. During those years he developed many of his subtle senses ranging from intuition, full spectrum visualization, and exploring dreams beyond the waking state. He balanced these metaphysical practices with working as freelance polymathic artist while illustrating multiple series of Esoteric themed ‘Visual Awakenings’ under his creative outlet, The Deep Forest. It wouldn’t be long until various one of a kind nature inspired crafts & sculptures were launched in his shop under Earthly Creations. Since then he has spent the last 2 years developing his yet to be titled Tarot Deck which features the culmination of all the occultic & symbolic understandings thus far in panoramic suits. As of today, the Tarot Deck is nearly complete with an estimated launch sometime in mid 2018.