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EVENT: 2023 MUM Spiritual Expo @ Allentown, PA

As a polymathic artist, I am excited to announce my participation in the upcoming 2023 MUM Expo, taking place on May 20th and 21st at AG Hall located at 302 N 17th St, Allentown, PA 18104. This exposition promises to bring together those seeking deeper understanding through introspection, bringing meaningful changes into your life journey. With tickets priced at only $10 per day or $18 for both days, it truly offers something for everyone. Additionally, veterans, active service members, and even children under 10 years old can attend completely free of charge.

As part of The Deep Forest, along with fellow creative soul Tory Lee, we will showcase the fruits of our passion – earthly creations that aim to celebrate nature while connecting us back to ourselves. My own offerings include two unique black and white artisan tarot decks: the Shadow Light Tarot Deck and the Wander Light Tarot Deck. Avid collectors might appreciate art prints, limited edition apparel, and even woven tapestries featuring original designs based on my artwork. These items not only make excellent gifts but act as powerful talismans capable of imbuing meaningful qualities. All this awaits visitors eager to explore their spiritually curious side during these two magical days.

Please visit us at our booth where interesting conversations await. After interacting, grab your exclusive convention merchandise available nowhere else before returning home enriched by wisdom gained. Click here for further details about the Expo lineup including other vendors, lecturers, readers and healers

Eric Tecce is a prolific artist whose practice spans multiple mediums and genres, ranging from painting and photography to music composition and video production. His work often incorporates elements of mysticism, symbolism, and esoterica, reflecting his deep interest in spirituality and metaphysics. In addition to being co-founder of The Deep Forest, Eric Tecce also posts daily on his Youtube channel.

Tory Lee is an artistic visionary known for her intricate handmade craftsmanship. Drawing upon inspiration from the natural world, she carefully constructs whimsical sculptures, dream catchers, and wearable art pieces that embody the essence of magic and mystery. Her work as creator of her earthcraft studio under the name Taurian Spirits speaks to her reverence for the divine feminine, plant medicine, and indigenous cultures. Lee combines a multitude of materials sourced from sustainable providers whenever possible, making each item offered by The Deep Forest truly unique in character and appearance.

Working collaboratively under The Deep Forest umbrella, they both strive to provide transformational experiences via multi-sensory activations. Such offerings range from metaphysical divinitive decks & earthcrafts to educational workshops, lectures, and interactive ceremonies. Their efforts serve as conduits for helping participants reconnect to the divine within themselves and the planet. To learn more about The Deep Forest studio and its mission, please visit them online at

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