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RE: The Midnight Gospel [REVIEW+MEANING]

As an Esoteric Artist, this show is BANANAS & needs to be seen. The amount of passion & conceptual portrayal of the series places it as one of the most informational & entertaining forms of higher learning. It’s welcome of Esoteric & Occultic themes is embraced by rejecting the false pretenses of old ways of learning – in exchange for one to gain an experience so that they, and only they, can decide & make free will choices.

Each episode is briefly broken down to discuss the various themes (visual & verbal) for those unfamiliar or curious. Many of the symbols & ideas range from various teachings going back from cultures around the world. As with multiple watchings for some, the material present can be understood through time and the potential you have as a being is limitless. At the end of the day, your life and choice are your own to make – so live it true. Enjoy!

PS – The actual show may not be intended for younger viewers, so be aware & present always.

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