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Crowdsourced Recovery

In an effort to help crowdsource the Holistic Health Protocol I am undertaking, I have opened up funding through a Health Assistance Program. This program offers the ability provide community support towards important investments in treating & maintaining proper health for recovery from Chronic Inflammation & other severe ailments. Options are available to Donate via Paypal or aid in supplemental support directly from my curated collection of Amazon  Lists.


To help raise awareness, this pages focuses on a central platform where others may assist along my Healing Journey. I encourage everyone visiting to share a link to this current page which can be accessed using


The Holistic Health Protocol utilizes fresh Organic Groceries that can cost up to $150-$200 a Week. The spectrum of Raw Foods include Cruciferous Green Vegetables, Fatty Avocados, Rainbow Carrots, Beets, Fresh Culinary Mushrooms, Sprouts, & Sea Vegetables. With a primary focus on a Raw Diet to Alkalize, methods like Juicing & Light Preparation helps assist to Rejuvenate & Detox the body. The key is to source a well balanced nutritional selection from fresh Foods as much as possible.


Presented below are a compilation of Amazon derived lists that include detailed usage, supply, & nutritional benefits provided by each item offered.

Vitamin, Mineral, Mushroom & Herb-based Supplements to Assist in Full Body Nutrition

Bulk Purchases including Quinoa, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, & Other Food-Sourced Powders

Hardware & Supplies that Assist in Providing Extended Convenience & Advanced Care

In early 2022, I discovered three tissue masses around the Left Breast, Upper Left Abdominal, & Left Rib Cage. Through the Summer Season, issues with my Throat, Blood, Lymph Nodes, Right Leg, Spinal Cord, & possibly other internal placements such as Bone Marrow became prominant, thus complicating the healing process. In an effort to fully restore my Health back to homeostasis, I have developed a Holistic Health Protocol to assist in treating, detoxing, & rejuvenating my body at a fractal level. This protocol includes properly sourced Nutrition, Supplemental Aid, as well as Full Body Daily Practices. The extensive Nature focused protocol is inspired by advanced developments over the years from Herbalism, Modern Medicine, and various Terrain Modification specialists. Many of the principles & practices originate from Eastern & Indigenous Medicinal Plants and Traditions. As I further develop a refined innerstanding of advanced local treatment & methods, the potential to open up & share my journey may help others gain clarity of the Healing Powers of Nature. I am grateful to have the opportunity to discover such potential & thankful to all who help offer assistance as I embark on this road to recovery. ❂


For extended support, I invite you to consider a Monthly Subscription on Patreon or through Purchases from my Studio Shop.