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Hello World,

With a recent Eclipse season occurring as of this moment of writing, I am embarking on a new journey that will blossom into BEing from this day forward. With all the behind the scene adjustments coming into place, Mercury signal of going Direct will move motions of what waits ahead. I welcome new & old faces to discover the path I walk as an artist.

For those who are unfamiliar with the magick I birth into our Waking Reality, continue reading for a quick dive into the nature of my BEing…

I am a full time Artist specializing in Occultic & Esoteric-rich Illustrations.  My unique approach merges creative problem solving with the cultivated understanding of the harmonic nature of Waking Reality.  I pull inspiration from Nature & enjoy providing information visually through art itself. With passion as my driving force, I’ve always been keen to honor my artistic path & the gifts that come with. 

Since light could be perceived through my being, I was both fascinated & explored a number mediums similar to the path walked by Leonardo Da Vinci, an artist I take great inspiration from. I feel I can best be expressed as a Polymathic Artist. The mediums I currently focus on are Illustration, Design, Photography, and Videography but also extend to Coding, Sculptural, Woodworking, Creative Direction, & Music.

When an artist is truly at work, a state relative to meditation takes form. This allows for synchronistic inspiration & intuitive guidance to play unique roles in manifesting creative potential. This practice can lead an artist’s Creation to be enriched with symbolism, sacred geometry, and a visual language that speaks from the soul – at times even subconsciously. With any practice, the more one understand the true Nature of our Waking Reality, the more these forces consciously play a hand to have everything fall divinely into BEing. 

The light of my astrological resonance expresses Sagittarian resonance with my Sun & Venus, my Moon sitting in it’s home of Cancer resonance, my Rising tunneling my experience through a late Gemini perspective, and my mental Mercury harnessing the strategic Capricorn resonance. As we reach beyond the Earthly realm, further influences such as the drive of Mars carries the duality of Gemini, followed by my Leo Jupiter forming this harmonious Trine with my Sun. The remainder of outer planets (excluding the Rebirth energy of a Scorpio Pluto) taps into the Capricorn sector of the sky.

      Prior to the development of my Divinitive Decks, I was creating Visual Awakenings that embedded esoteric knowledge without the need of words through the Art alone. I had the opportunity to crowdfund & screen print many of these traditional illustrative works onto apparel from 2013 through 2015. There after I would explore a number of sculptural & Nature-inspired bodies of work. This transition then came full circle as 2016 brought fourth the beginning steps of illustrating my Tarot Decks. 

As of 2018, I had completed both Shadow Light Tarot & Wander Light Tarot. Both were successfully crowdfunded, providing the potential for these to finally take form in the full vision I had set out for the Decks. My outlook from here is to continue exploring & creating visual bodies of knowledge with my next project focusing on reinventing the Star Map & merging it with the Resonance mechanics found in studies such as Astrology. There after, I have interest to pursuit bodies of work focused on Mythology, Dreams, Crystals, and Plants.