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Jupiter x Uranus Conjunction

Reminder on April 20th, 2024, we were blessed with the peak potentiality of Jupiter & Uranus dancing together in the sky – currently continuing to send waves into experience for years to come. During this transit, Venus passed over the recent Solar Eclipse activated area where we find it dance with asteroid Chiron (known as the Wounded-Healer). On top of Mercury retrograde reevaluating this range of high energy Eclipse/Nodal Point areas, we are in for some sudden great acts of creations & establishments that may change the future of humanity here on out; culminating an essential next level or stage by graduating with newly restructured perceptions. Expect a lot of expansions out of the blue, with synchronicity electrically charging the potential of the currents.

These transits expressed from the spheres extend toward the raised output of collective (re)processing of processes to reinterpret familiar Light. Many may relate this towards higher percentage of Collective Potential associated toward Non-local Entities & Out of Body Experiences (Receptive via Astral/Dream States) or the raised output of happy accidents via random/chance generation & processing by mass intelligence (be natural collectives or of the daemon sense, aka “AI”).

True Nature will also play a major role in this movement as a growing interest to reconnect with both our roots of our ancestors & past lives (even if by unconscious attractors), as well as the stars via utilizing more accurate Astrological practices such as defining True Star Astrology (Sidereal) over a westernized Geo-Solar model. The implication of these shifted perceptions are extremely likely to traverse the continuous steam of currents with such velocity as to send waves onward that may very well forever shape the course of the future for generations to come.

Prime Examples of manifesting language during these transits arrive by synchronistic experiences; including random-number-generating-like practices a kin to I-Ching, Divination, Intuitive Connection, as well as Webbot or Akashic Data that will link back to these moments’ highly plasmatic potentiality, very well sourced of the outer worldly Nature.

These realizations may take time to become integrated into open acceptance (or individually digested into awareness at least until Mercury goes direct), but may be reflected back on as the birthplace for ‘the’ shift ushering in an eventually accepted perception of our collective reality. More so, as this period currently undergoes a great transition to a new chapter rooted by the Total Solar Eclipse’s energetic stream of potential.

These streaks of hypernovelty will truly be kicking for months, if not years, as a multitude of sources & individuals further embrace empowerment through expressions & language – thus reaffirming the self-organizing-collective (SOC) currently controls the paradigm shifting narrative (narradigm for short) here on out.

All I can say is, what a time to Be alive, embodied, and present! You chose to Be & should express gratitude for our life provided to support True Nature, for our generation & here on after. ❂