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Discover the world of Earthcrafts.
The project is a passion project by Artisans Eric Tecce (Polymathic Artist) & Tory Lee (Lead Craftor at Taurian Spirits). As friends, we create Art from Nature & specialize in a variety of Earthly Creations. Explore these Wonders as one would in The Deep Forest.

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Mushroom & Moss Hobbit Home Earthcraft

These one of a kind Earthly Creations are sculptural Mushroom & Moss Hobbit Homes which Illuminate from the inside. They feature real Preserved Mushrooms, Moss, & Bark. Each Hobbit Home is paired with a Painted Resin Door (molded from our sculpt) and is fully encased in Moss. Every Home features a switch on the bottom to turn on or to change the battery of the LED flickering light system. If you wish to discover how these Earthcrafts are made, I invite you to join the Patreon for a full Video Tutorial.

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