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Total Solar Eclipse 🌘 April 2024

Eclipses are based off the alignment of the Moon’s North & South nodes (poles), also known in Vedic Astrology as Rahu & Ketu which represent the head & tail of a great serpent.

Everyone should view this period as a bridge, in which we are stepping into a new journey & by the time we wrap around the the source stream of this eclipse in 6 months time, we should be seeing some culminations of this brand new chapter fall into place.

This particular alignment will coincide with the arrival of Chiron on the floor whisking up the possibility of exploring wounds so that we can bring fourth healing. Just also keep in mind those prodded wounds & challenges are a reminder that you are still human with room to grow.

Just wait until the energy gets going with the upcoming Jupiter & Uranus conjunction later this month on the weekend of April the 20th – the world will change that day forever as new seeds & perceptions are processed in new Light. This will then culminate into the Lunar Luminary’s peak on the 23rd, providing additional clarity connected to the rhythm tuned during the Total Solar Eclipse.

Regardless, buckle up buttercup, because we’re not in Kansas anymore!