Shadow Light Tarot is an 88-card Hand Illustrated Premium Tarot Deck exploring the 22 Paths & Four Elemental Realms of the Tarot through Infinite Panoramic Worlds. ❂

SHADOW LIGHT & WANDER LIGHT Tarot Decks are the first from polymathic artist & illustrator, Eric Tecce.
These hand-illustrated decks were successfully crowdfunded Autumn of 2018 with only 1000 printed.
It’s vision lays down the base structure of my incarnation of the Tarot & are now available in my studio shop (& shipped by yours truly).

Wander Light Tarot travel-sized hand illustrated 96-Card Deck, which includes minimal expressions of the Traditional Tarot, Four Directions, Tree of Life, and added Planetary Cards.
Follow Up Decks are now in development including a Constellation-themed, Astro Light Oracle Deck, & a full colored deck, titled Lucid Light Tarot. Consider supporting the Studio on Patreon to assist in the culmination of these works.
New Illustrated Deck Coming Soon

Preview Artwork on Artstation & Instagram

For those curious to see development of @LucidLightTarot , I will be sharing more information this coming season (if all flows well) on my youtube channel and eventual social media ...

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Keep on turning, turning, turning... Seasons & Light be changing, experiences ranging, to cycle vibrations ...

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A hint of gold, a glimmer of light, all intwined within these dark delights 👁 #TheWheel ...

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Traditions traditional look. Sharing an alternative version to the 2020 illustrated #Hierophant that bares resemblance to #ShadowLightTarot incarnation (but you know, with the added color) 🌿 #TarotArt #TheHierophant ...

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A hint of Magick makes all the wonder in the world 🌙 Seek sights within and soothe the soul of sweet dreams to Be true ✨ #TheHighPriestess illustration on a dark paper back foretells the mystical direction I will be making so to be within our waking reality through these lovely months to come 👁 ...

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The Armorer from #TheMandalorian 👁 Starting to sharpen my approach for some illustration creation that will be ringing in the coming new year (for you gregorian calendarians 🌞) ...

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New works inspired by #TheMandalorian posted on my #artstation. Finding a flow while also catching up on archival uploads & video timelapses 👁 ...

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" Art is an extension & vehicle for the soul's work. Even to the untrained eye, a hand drawn approach carries the Spirit of it's Creator. "