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Welcome to The Deep Forest

As passionate Earthcrafters and Polymathic artists respectively, our goal is to bring a whimsical yet practical touch to handmade Earthy Creations. Our creations range from cozy Hobbit Homes to intricate Mushroom Skull Curiosities and magical Woodland Dreamcatchers. We source our materials from the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania & preserve all our moss, mushrooms & wild elements ourselves. By honoring our Nature through Nature, we aim to help cultivate a strong sense of interconnectedness between humanity and the living Earth.

Our journey began several years ago, where each of our complimentary creative passions brought us to form our artistry. Ever since, we have both been wandering The Deep Forest gathering for the Nature which calls to us. This process of selecting just the right elements often involves foraging excursions filled with joyous exploration throughout our nearby forest sanctuaries.

To capture the essence of these precious ingredients requires patience, perseverance, and perhaps even a dash of alchemical magic. Mosses and lichens, once plucked with care, find new life within our handmade homes; each crevice, nook, and cranny adorned to resemble miniature fungal metropolises complete with diminutive denizens. Our Dreamcatchers become vessels of dreamtime lucidity, each filament delicately threaded with feathers, wood, and gemstones whispering ancient secrets of peaceful restorative slumber. Our Tarot cards, likewise, feature hand illustrated mystical images drawn from an extensive background of esoteric art & holistic design.

In every creation lies our devotion to honoring both the beauty of Nature’s infinite forms and the inherent sacredness each holds. So come, dear friends, and partake in our world of wonder. Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry binding us all within this incredible planetary playground. Allow the magic of The Deep Forest to guide you toward greater understanding, reverence, and love for the very Nature we are born to Be.

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