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Who is Polymathic Artist, Eric Tecce?

Eric Tecce is a modern-day polymath; he excels in a wide variety of endeavors, united by his fascination with the esoteric world and its mysteries. His passion encompasses tarology, photography, design, illustration, penmanship, sculpture, philosophy and even animal husbandry while residing in a tiny homestead in the Deep Forest of Pennsylvania.

As an author, artist, and holistic creator, Eric’s life mission seems dedicated towards exploring hidden realms often shrouded behind veils of darkness. One can see evidence of his work in his self-published “Shadow Light Tarot deck”, a testament to his talent and interest in cartomancy, symbolism, mythological archetypes, alchemy and nature lore, which reflect a deep connection between human experience and the arcane wisdom contained within cards drawn at random. The book provides readers with insightful interpretations of each card’s significance, uplifting affirmations, and meditative reflections to inspire introspection, self-discovery, and inner peace. This ambitious project, rooted in occult traditions, represents merely one facet of his genius.

Eric’s photographic eye captures breathtaking moments from Mother Nature’s vast tapestries via panoramas, macro views, and scenic depictions, allowing us mere mortals a chance to peer into the depths of primordial secrets etched upon landscape features, living entities or cosmic phenomena we seldom notice daily. These photographs serve as both educational and awe-evoking material, inviting contemplation about our place amidst celestial bodies, mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and animal kingdom while revealing beauty often overlooked. By sharing them online, Eric shares his love of the universe.

Alongside his interests lies holistic home design where artistic flair meets practicality, offering clients a harmonious fusion of esthetics and ergonomics. As a philosopher, speaker, and writer, Eric discusses his beliefs concerning life, consciousness, reality and offers alternative perspectives on issues relating to environmental concerns, social justice, mental health, self-improvement, and spiritual matters.