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#005 “Wise Space” feat. Tory Kroeger

During sleep, our bodies recharge and reconnect with the Earth and Sun, enabling our electrical capacity onward. We exist as individuals within the universe, made up of organic matter unique to us. The hundredth monkey effect occurs because of our connection to water, which allows the universe to communicate through us.

If we focus purely on the light aspect of our being, we observe ourselves through the light around us. DMT releases during dreaming, birth, and death, and it can be experienced as a drug in this lifetime.

Our souls are grounded on Earth, but during sleep, they encounter countless experiences. When we dream, we may be tapping into source, even the One within. As sequences continue, our projected intentions shape the experience molding a co-creation from source, ourselves, or even the world present.

With everything changing in every moment, Nature balances itself out, and by the observance of experience we contribute to the impact. Lucid dreaming allows us to know we are dreaming and has a higher impact because it synchronizes our presence with being, allowing us active states through various sequences encountered. The art of mastering lucid dreaming requires integrated practices over time to easily allow active states each night, let alone learn & explore freely during said states.

When we are in alignment with the universe, it synchronizes with us, showing we are on the right path. Synchronicity is a major factor in lucid dreaming & waking reality, as it syncs us up with the ability to operate more of ourselves from universe of universe. Listening, being present, and mindful help process the universe coming into existence.

Being present and mindful requires daily practice, but it helps us grow and learn from virtues. We can incorporate mindfulness into our daily routines and use reminders to check in with ourselves, even asking if we are dreaming. These help form better habits we embody and express into being.

The key is to find value in experiencing challenges or articulating difficult emotions and feelings. Poetry is one example of such rewards that allow us to use such Nature as art. Analyzing ourselves on a fractal level also involves being present, receptive, listening, and making space. As always, our breathing helps us stay grounded and connected in all states.

In this podcast episode, we delve into the realms of lucid dreaming, mindfulness, and personal growth. We discuss how being in alignment with the universe can help us stay on the right path, and how daily practices of mindfulness and presence can lead to growth and learning.

Recorded May 21st, 202
Runtime: 57 minutes

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