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#003 “Remember the Heart” feat. Tory Kroeger

In this episode of my podcast, I’m joined by Tory Kroeger as we dive deep into the nature of dreams and reality through a live deconstruction of one of Tory’s experiences since our last recording on the previous day.

We open the podcast with a sample from a song that played a significant role in Tory’s dream, setting the stage for the deconstruction. We “Carry On” to continue to unravel reality for what it is, how it operates, coming to conclusions to understand Nature by the essence of what Is.

We discuss how heartists exist in the world, by their truth & essence via their crystal uniqueness emitting what Is simply from the Heart. And what is emit? Simply, time mirrored. Allowing time to act as the essence of coming into Being. Without one, you cannot have the other. It is the lens. The eye of the beholder. Forever shaping our experience to open up pathways for growth and self-discovery.

Now, experience the fractalness we are through this moment here at present. The body which you became, through your blessed ancestry, is listening & a part of this journey. Continuing potential into awareness through our experience of the heart.

Heartists create with the world, in the world, of the world. By being of nature, through nature, we allow nature to become more in nature; in which case, the paradox of how we come to Be comes from simply Being. Join us as we embark on this audio adventure exploring the nature of dreams and our waking reality. As always, thank you for Being of this moment.

Enjoy the show!

Recorded May 2nd, 2024
Runtime: 115 minutes